Beauty Box 5 – A Perfect Gift for a Woman of Style

It’s gifting season and I know you are wracking your brain out there for what to give to the ladies in your life. Whether it’s a BFF, a girl friend, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother – whoever that lady is in your life, gentleman (and ladies), a beauty supply subscription is a fantastic gift for any woman of style. I couldn’t wait to share my experience with Beauty Box 5, and you all know that I’m obsessed with subscription boxes.

I received Beauty Box’s latest box in the mail recently and I just loved what I received. As you can see, I got a variety of items to try out.


I was so excited for the pink nail polish that I received! I put it on almost  immediately and it was such great quality. Among the various items I received was makeup remover and various lotions.

I love subscription boxes and this box comes at a pretty reasonable price of $12 per month. I think that’s an extremely reasonable price and the bigger of a subscription you buy, the more you can save (buy a quarterly subscription and get charged $30 and you save $6! You can also buy a yearly subscription for $99 and save $45!). Right now, if you buy someone a gift subscription, you are either buying them a quarterly gift, a semi-annual gift or a yearly gift.

These savings are a huge selling point for me, I think, especially if you are buying someone a gift. I think the best part of this subscripion box for me is that you can buy the sample items you receive as a full sized product. That’s really easy for me as I tend to be picky about items I put on my skin, so if I do enjoy something, it’s nice to know where to go for it. The only downside is that the products are customized for your skin, so if you have any allergies or specific needs, the subscription aren’t customized for your needs.

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Million Dollar Tan Review

Growing up in Southern California where I played outdoor sports year-round and never applied sunscreen I always had a glowing tan. Over the years as I grew older, wiser to the dangers of extended sun exposure and more pale because of it, I really started to miss having a tan! I wanted to get a perfect tan without the dangers of conventional tanning so I started spending a lot of time and money researching and testing sunless alternatives.

Over the years I have tried several sunless tanners and they have each had their problems: orange, streaky, stinky, and oily to name a few. I became determined to find a better solution and that is when I came across .

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Lindsay and her team at Million Dollar Tan had the same frustrations with the sunless tanning products on the market and sought to make something better. For over 10 years they have been proving the highest quality sunless tanning products and have tanned countless celebrities. Now their products are available directly. If you are new to sunless tanning they offer answers to any questions you may have on their website.

I recently tried their , which is a moisturizing Sunless Tanning Lotion and I have a lot to say about it! First of all it is paraben free and is made using organic ingredients. One of my favorite features of Cabana Tan is that it goes on clear. I hate the sunless tanning lotions, creams and foams that make me feel like I am just rubbing dye onto my skin. MDT’s Cabana Tan is different. The tan is water based so it won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts and it only fades as your skin naturally exfoliates which gives you a longer lasting, even fading tan. I love the fact that it dries quickly, isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave you with a greasy residue.

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Cabana Tan is available in two shades, their regular Cabana Tan (which I used), and Cabana Tan Extreme for those who like a darker tan. I love the freedom that Cabana Tan gives you. You can apply it as often as you want to achieve the shade you like. Personally I like to apply it weekly for a perfect-bronzed glow. It really does leave your skin feeling moisturized.

I was surprised by how evenly it goes on. They recommend applying your regular lotion to hands, feet, elbows and knees before applying Cabana Tan since those are the spots that will soak up the lotion and color the most. This really made a difference! While they claim to be odor free I do not fully agree. However I can easily say that Cabana Tan has the least odor out of any sunless tanner I have tried and I strongly recommend using it with an odorless lotion. When I did that I barely noticed any scent at all.

Recently I went to my dentist’s office and when I walked through the door they asked if I had just gotten back from a vacation and were telling me how great my tan looked. I quickly told that that I hadn’t gone on vacation; I had just used Million Dollar Tan a couple days before. They were amazed and so am I! I know I sound like a walking infomercial but Million Dollar Tan’s Cabana Tan is a truly amazing product that I strongly recommend.


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Tree Hut Body Care Review and Giveaway (Ends 4/23)

As my belly has grown with this pregnancy I have definitely noticed my skin getting dry and itchy.  I know it is a common ailment for pregnant mamas but not a fun one.  I need to note quickly that I am very sensitive to scents.  Certain smells trigger migraines for me I I have to be careful with the lotions I use.  I will be describing the smell of the products to help anyone who is might have the same issue as well as the product performance.

I was so happy to find my review items on my porch around the same time that

I was feeling the need for an extra moisturizing lotion to sooth my belly.  I opened the package and immediately slathered my baby bump with the Original Shea Body Butter.  It has a deep nutty fragrance and it is very thick (as body butter should be).  I have continued to use it day and night these past few weeks and I am happy to report that my belly is staying moisturized and I do not have that annoying itchy feeling.

I also received the Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub, Almond and Honey Lotion and Amazon Pequi Body Wash.  I really like the sweet almond honey scent of the lotion.  It is not overpowering and smells super yummy.  The lotion is a much lighter formula than the body butter so it is great to use on arms and legs.  For me the body butter is too thick to use all over my body, but great to use on areas that need extra moisture such as hands, feet, elbows, and pregnant bellies. 


I am new to sugar scrubs so I do not have a lot to compare the Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub to, but I really like how it gently exfoliates when I use it.  The smell reminds me of summer with the scent of coconut and a touch of lime.  It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.  Tree Hut has included Shea butter as well as other natural oils to moisturize

the skin while it exfoliates.  I have to say that I am getting a little addicted to the sugar scrub.

The light fresh scent of the Amazon Pequi Body Wash is great to wake you up in the morning.  It has a slight floral smell but very clean and fresh.  As with the other Tree Hut products the body wash is also infused with moisturizing ingredients so that it does not dry out the skin.

I have really enjoyed using my body care items and I  fully recommend them to our readers.

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