Simplifying Our Mornings with #Yoplait #CalciYUM

We have been trying to simplify our life over the past few months. We have been purging unused items from closets, toy bins and the garage. We have been cutting back on the extracurricular activities everyone participates in and I have been trying to simplify our morning routine to help the day start out a […]

Learn Principles of Peace from the Prince Of Peace

How do you find peace? I know I feel peaceful when I am taking a walk through the woods and I can hear the birds chirping or laying under the stars on a cool summer night. I feel peace when I kiss my kids closed eyelids as they sleep in their beds at night. I […]

My #1 Diaper Choice for #MyLittleMover #ad

One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing your child learn and grow. It is an amazing thing to see an infant go from being completely helpless and immobile to crawling and then standing and running everywhere. Seeing my children grow is miraculous, and it goes by so quickly. My youngest seems […]

Potty Training Tips to successfully #TrainTogther

I have enjoyed most of the stages my children have gone through, but there is one stage that is not so fun in our family. It is the potty training stage! I feel like we have been in this unpleasant stage for the last seven years—oh right, because we have! Well I have decided that […]

Save on Huggies at Sam’s Club #SecondHug

It may be hard to believe, but I have been changing diapers for over 10 years now. That sounds like such a long time, but thankfully it doesn’t feel that long. I think part of the reason diaper changing has not seemed so bad is because I learned early on that quality counts with diapers! […]

Tiny Love City Safari Gymini Kick & Play Review and #Giveaway

One of my babies favorite infant toys is a baby play gym so I was super excited to review the new Tiny Love Gymini Kick & Play – City Safari. A baby play gym is one of the few toys I really feel is a necessity for babies as they are learning to move and […]

Kid Approved Taco Ring

For a twist on classic tacos that the kids will love, try this easy recipe using Del Real Foods. My kids love helping me make this–especially sprinkling the cheese! PrintKid Approved Taco Ring Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 20 minutes30 minutes Yield: 6-8 servings Ingredients1 package of Del Real Seasoned Shredded Beef 1 package of […]

Are You Ready for Sick Season? #SickJustGotReal #AMomCanDream

I am the puke target in my family. Everyone family seems to have one–the person that always gets puked on no matter where they are or who is sick. It is like I have a big bull’s-eye saying “Aim Here!” I have been covered in vomit more times than I can count from my own children and other […]