Potty Training Tips to successfully #TrainTogther

I have enjoyed most of the stages my children have gone through, but there is one stage that is not so fun in our family. It is the stage! I feel like we have been in this unpleasant stage for the last seven years—oh right, because we have! Well I have decided that for my fourth child I am going to try to have a better attitude about potty training than I have in the past. We are going to make potty training fun!
So here are the tips and tricks I have learned potty training my other three kids…
#1 Use Pull-Ups® Training Pants instead of jumping right from diapers to real underwear. I am not a very happy mom when I am cleaning up potty messes all the time so I love using Pull-Ups® as a transition to real undies. My tip is you treat them like they are real underwear. We call them “” and we always talk about keeping them dry and clean. It works for us and it keeps me sane as we are potty training.

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#2 Celebrate every potty training victory! We cheer and sing for kiddos that go potty in the toilet in our house. There are lots of high-fives and stickers and candy when we are potty training. Celebrate every little positive thing that happens while potty training to help your little one get excited.
#3 Set a timer to help your little one get in the habit of going potty. When we first start out potty training a timer helps remind me to ask my child to go try and potty. After a while your child will be able to understand and listen to their body to know when it is time to go, but until they figure it out a timer helps me remind them—because we are in this together.
#4 Take a deep breath and relax! Potty training takes time and your child really has to want to learn for it to stick so sometimes you just have to relax and take a deep breath and remind yourself that they will not be in diapers forever.
I hope some of these tips help you as embark on your potty training journey and I hope you will be able to make potty training fun for your little one!
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