Are You Ready for Sick Season? #SickJustGotReal #AMomCanDream

I am the puke target in my family. Everyone family seems to have one–the person that always gets puked on no matter where they are or who is sick. It is like I have a big bull’s-eye saying “Aim Here!” I have been covered in vomit more times than I can count from my own children and other pe ople’s kids too. I am not sure why, but if a child is feeling yucky they somehow always manage to be in my arms or on my lap when the need to wretch hits. I guess it is a blessing that throw up does not bother me that much. I figure it is nothing that a nice hot shower can’t fix so it really is not a big deal. But I can definitely relate to the video provided by below when we are in the middle of sick kids.  

In all seriousness though when the kids are sick it is a stressful time in our house. No one tells you how hard it is going to be when your sweet child comes down with a fever and you are worrying and praying for them to get better. You feel helpless, but thank goodness we live in modern times and we are not left without help. I love that fact that good nutrition, lots of sleep and hand washing will help keep my kids in good health, but when the germ bugs do come around, I like to be able to make my kids comfortable while their body fights of the yuck. I trust Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and Children’s Dimetapp® to help my children. 

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I think one of the worst parts of one of my kids getting sick is the impending doom that the sickness will be making be rounds through the rest of the family and we will be stuck in the sick zone for at least two weeks or more. And of course the absolute worst is if I end up catching the bug, because we all know that if mama is sick she still has to take care of everyone else, and being sick while trying to manage the house is no fun!

Thanks to Pfizer Consumer Healthcare you can enter our giveaway for a $25 gift card to be prepared and stock your medicine cabinet. Wishing you good health and happiness in this season of sickness!


Thank you Pfizer Consumer Healthcare for providing me with a gift card and the video in this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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  1. shelly peterson says:

    Do your best to get the sick ones better as soon as possible, keep them comfortable with chicken noodle soup, water, rest and medicine and try and keep the others from getting sick with plenty of rest, taking vitamins and washing your hands well.

  2. Disinfect everything! During and right after the sickness that way I don’t have a repeat of the same mess!

  3. we take vitamins and wash hands often

  4. Dawn Monroe says:

    I use a lot of Lysol and try to make everyone comfortable. A hot bath and their favorite movie goes a long way.

  5. Karen Glatt says:

    I do my best to get help with other family members and make my child feel better by giving them very good medicine, hot soup and watch movies or read books!

  6. NyQuil ALWAYS does the trick in my home, not to mention a good ol’ bowl of chicken noodle soup!

  7. kelly tupick says:

    I try to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. I make chicken soup and make sure i have Tylenol on hand. I try to keep things clean and disinfected as i go.

  8. Erika W. says:

    When sickness hits, we try to get as much sleep as possible. Resting is key!

  9. Jessica To says:

    We try to rest a lot and wipe down the door knobs and handles everywhere.

  10. My tip is to make sure everyone washes their hands.

  11. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    We have everyone use paper towels instead after they wash their hands

  12. Drink plenty of fluids.

  13. My best tip is to use germ wipes and let the kids rest when they need to.

  14. Tabathia B says:

    We always start with a cup of honey lemon

  15. Thomas Murphy says:

    Get lots of rest.

  16. Jennifer Marie says:

    We keep hydrated and get lots of sleep.

  17. HS kraftmaking says:

    We stay hydrated by drink hot chicken soup and water.

  18. Steve Weber says:

    We try to keep a lot of liquids in us as well as get lots of sleep

  19. Get plenty fo rest and drink lots of water.

  20. We always start up the humidifier right away. During the summer, I stock up on movies from garage sales and put them in a box…when the kids are sick…they get to pick out a new movie to watch. Helps them take their mind off being so sick for a bit.

  21. We wash our hands A LOT and take zinc lozenges at the first sign of symptoms.

  22. allyson tice says:

    When sickness hits this momma takes and washes everything and uses clorox to clean the bathroom and lysol spray all over!!

  23. disinfect the house throughout the day, keep hands washed with soap and water

  24. My best tip for when sickness hits my house is to make a huge batch of chicken noodle soup.

  25. My best tip is to disinfect and get rest when your child gets rest.

  26. My best tip is to have the sick child drink plenty of fluids and not have them share toys or drinks with the other siblings.

  27. We use a humidifier in the home when we are sick. I love it.

  28. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    I make sure they have lots of liquids, and warm blanket, and cartoon network.

  29. Lots of fluids (water, powerade) and break out the Clorox wipes: I go crazy disinfecting everything.

  30. Crystal Rose says:

    We start taking vitamin C as soon as the season hits.

  31. Aaron Humphrey says:

    Lots of hand sanitizer.

  32. Sarah Mayer says:

    We take lots of vitamins and drink lots of water.

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