My #1 Diaper Choice for #MyLittleMover #ad

One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing your child learn and grow. It is an amazing thing to see an infant go from being completely helpless and immobile to crawling and then standing and running everywhere.

Seeing my children grow is miraculous, and it goes by so quickly. My youngest seems to want to grow up even faster than my other children. She was rolling over at 3 months, crawling at 5 months and sitting up and standing on her own by 6 months. She is busy and excited to explore the world and I am right by her side watching and documenting as she hits each milestone.


I try to keep her curious while still giving her a safe environment to play in by making sure we have baby-safe toys out, and plenty of room to crawl and explore. It only makes sense that I would use a diaper that is designed to move with my baby in this important stage of development and that is why I love . Between crawling after her four older siblings and reaching for every toy insight, there is no time for leaks!

Only have a stretchy SnugFit Waistband to help our diapers stay in place like no other diaper. The unique contoured shape provides a comfortable fit and stays in place as my baby moves and plays. The new DryTouch® liner absorbs on contact, so my baby stays dry throughout all of her little adventures.


Another huge benefit when you are a members is that you will save $3.00 instantly at checkout starting June 22nd until July 17th when you purchase any size of . So stock up now and save big!

Sam’s Club asns Huggies® are also teaming up to help you win big–$500 big! A you have to do is visit and show your baby’s moves for a chance to !

Best of Luck and Happy Moving!


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