Late Night Diaper Messages for New Moms

We welcomed our 5th baby to the family a few weeks ago and she is absolutely perfect!  Everything about this little angel is petite and lovely and we are so happy she is here.  I do have to say that I am amazed by the amount of things I forgot about recovering from giving birth and having a newborn–even after 5 kids.  I have decided that it is a tender mercy that we forget about a lot of the discomfort in the first few weeks or else we would all stop at one child.  LOL


One thing that really slipped my mind was late night feedings and diaper changes.  My good friends threw my a super cute baby shower before our little princess arrived and one of the activities they had for guest to do was write messages to me on diapers for those dreaded late night changes.  My girlfriends had sign similar to this one I found on to let everyone know what to do.  I thought it was such a fun unique idea and I have loved reading all of the messages these past few weeks.

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When I got home from the shower my kids saw all of my message diapers and wanted to write me some messages too.  I figured this was s great reason to head over to Sam’s Club to pick up a bulk package of for the kids to write me messages.  There are a lot of great perks of buying diapers at Sam’s Club like the fact that you can put yourself on a diaper subscription and they will ship them to you for FREE!  Gotta love that right?  There are only two brands of diapers I will use and Huggies is one of those two.  I love that the elasticized band helps to keep a snug fit on baby and that the pocketed back waistband helps keep runny messes inside.  They work great for overnight protection without any leakage and they are soft on babies skin with a quilted inner pad.  As you can see I got a lot of other fun goodies during my “diaper” shopping trip.

I love that every time I go to Sam’s Club they have the essentials like diapers and milk, but they also have so many other fun items that I need to buy for myself and all of my friends.  The Christmas gift isle was calling my name on this particular trip and took care of a number of people on my Christmas list.  I love the saving I can get from buying in bulk and delivers on savings and a great selection!

The second we got home my kiddos were begging to get started on their diaper messages to me.  Even my two year old wanted in on the action.  All of their messages were so sweet to read through, and I am sure they will keep me entertained and uplifted for the next few months as my new baby and I bond in the wee hours of the morning. 
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