Beauty Box 5 – A Perfect Gift for a Woman of Style


It’s gifting season and I know you are wracking your brain out there for what to give to the ladies in your life. Whether it’s a BFF, a girl friend, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother – whoever that lady is in your life, gentleman (and ladies), a beauty supply subscription is a fantastic gift for any woman of style. I couldn’t wait to share my experience with Beauty Box 5, and you all know that I’m obsessed with subscription boxes.

I received Beauty Box’s latest box in the mail recently and I just loved what I received. As you can see, I got a variety of items to try out.


I was so excited for the pink nail polish that I received! I put it on almost  immediately and it was such great quality. Among the various items I received was makeup remover and various lotions.

I love subscription boxes and this box comes at a pretty reasonable price of $12 per month. I think that’s an extremely reasonable price and the bigger of a subscription you buy, the more you can save (buy a quarterly subscription and get charged $30 and you save $6! You can also buy a yearly subscription for $99 and save $45!). Right now, if you buy someone a gift subscription, you are either buying them a quarterly gift, a semi-annual gift or a yearly gift.

These savings are a huge selling point for me, I think, especially if you are buying someone a gift. I think the best part of this subscripion box for me is that you can buy the sample items you receive as a full sized product. That’s really easy for me as I tend to be picky about items I put on my skin, so if I do enjoy something, it’s nice to know where to go for it. The only downside is that the products are customized for your skin, so if you have any allergies or specific needs, the subscription aren’t customized for your needs.

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All opinions are my own and 100% honest!

Wantable – A Monthly Beauty Subscription Box [Review]

2013-10-27 09.38.27

I love when I find a new beauty subscription box and this week I am sharing my latest fascination – Wantable subscription box! The Wantable subscription box sends you boxes with you in mind. You take quizzes based on what you like and your preferences and your style. Then, they send you a subscription box based on the details you give them.

I got the chance to check out their Halloween edition beauty box -

Wantable Halloween Box

This made for awesome Halloween preparation! I am not a huge fan of glitter based eye shadows, but the lip pencil, lip gloss, and eye lashes were definitely an item I used! But most of all,  I received a LOT in this one box. With every box, you get four to five full sized items. You get quality products too and best of all, you can specify which items that you want them to send you.



And this is just the beginning of the specifications that you can give them! Not to mention, they also have free shipping (and also willing to ship to Australia and Canada with just a small shipping fee).

One thing I love about the Wantable website is that they have an you can win prizes on! Plus, you don’t just have to choose a makeup box, but you can select accessories, intimates, or simply choose their holiday edition. Now, the most important part of it all – the price. It’s only $36/month and this is a fantastic deal. I think this makes for a great gift for a friend, especially by getting them hooked on a holiday edition box. Not to mention, if you subscribe yourself, every referral you make, you accumulate points. Get enough points and you may earn a free box! (I love free stuff!)

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary box in exchange for my honest review.




 – Beauty Subscription Box [A Review]

Starlooks Subscription Box

By now, you guys probably know that I am a huge fan of subscription boxes. It’s like getting a little prize every month! I recently got to try the beauty subscription box service from

Starlooks Subscription Box

Starlooks Subscription Box

Only $15/month, this subscription box makes for a great gift for your beauty fanatic friend or family member.  The best thing about this subscription box service is that they actually provide full size products (none of those crap tiny samples some provide). In fact, check out the photos I took of the boxes I received:

2013-10-27 09.35.27

2013-10-26 10.44.15


Both of these boxes included full sized products – the first box included two shades of lipstick and glitter eye shadow and the second box contained false eye lashes, lip gloss, and eye shadow. Both boxes included a surprise, too! The first one information about the model Natalie Corona and the second box gave you a chance to try out the assistant service

When I compare this subscription box to others I’ve considered, what I like about this is the price (only $15 per month!!!!) and the fact that you do get full sized items to try. The makeup featured above is quality – you don’t get crap. I love the lip gloss and the lip stick combination and the eye shadow is now part of my regular routine. I don’t get to buy as much makeup these days as I used to so having the chance to get a few items each month at a low price is a nice addition to my makeup bag.


Not to mention, you can always buy past month’s subscription boxes too – plus, all products are cruelty free (which I support and wholeheartedly appreciate).

I want to thank Starlooks for giving me the opportunity to try out this product and I want to invite my readers to consider this as part of their shopping list for the upcoming holiday season!

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Disclaimer: I received two complimentary boxes in exchange for my honest review. – Good Deals and Great Makeup!

Stila Rockin in Rio & Lovely in London - $16/each
Stila Rockin in Rio & Lovely in London - $16/each

Stila Rockin in Rio & Lovely in London – $16/each

I will be honest, I usually don’t spend a long time putting on makeup in the morning. Five minutes or less and usually it’s when I’m on the go or on the bus to work. You probably won’t see me with a huge makeup bag outside of my apartment, so when I can buy or use makeup that shrinks the amount of utensils and makeup gear that I need to carry with me – that makes me a happy, happy girl! I couldn’t wait to share with you the makeup I was able to try at –  an online (and brick and mortar store) with great deals and great makeup!

I got the chance to try two Stila products from Planet Beauty, this amazing beauty boutique that has locations nationwide and hires people who know their stuff when it comes to selecting products that ladies will love to have in their makeup and beautifying routine.

Stila Rockin in Rio and Lovely in London Set

Stila Rockin in Rio and Lovely in London Set

The makeup I tried was Stila – Lovely in London and Rockin in Rio. The two shades of makeup were very different from each other. Lovely in London had a pinker, peacher hue to the collection (which said daytime to me) and Rockin in Rio had a darker, smokier touch which screamed night time wear.

I have fair skin and I found the lighter tones worked better for me. The blush was a liquid blush that made my cheeks glow. They provided directions on the makeup itself on how to put it on correctly too! Like I said, I’m a five minute makeup type of girl so anything that makes the process easier is a winner to me.

Overall, this makeup made me think of fantastic stocking stuffers or a gift item for any type of lady. Like any makeup purchasing decisions, take into consideration the type of skin tone a lady has and don’t hesitate to contact PlanetBeauty directly and ask their opinion about what you should buy (especially if you are little less makeup intiutive than some!).


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of makeup in exchange for this review.

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