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Stila Rockin in Rio & Lovely in London - $16/each

Stila Rockin in Rio & Lovely in London – $16/each

I will be honest, I usually don’t spend a long time putting on makeup in the morning. Five minutes or less and usually it’s when I’m on the go or on the bus to work. You probably won’t see me with a huge makeup bag outside of my apartment, so when I can buy or use makeup that shrinks the amount of utensils and makeup gear that I need to carry with me – that makes me a happy, happy girl! I couldn’t wait to share with you the makeup I was able to try at –  an online (and brick and mortar store) with great deals and great makeup!

I got the chance to try two Stila products from Planet Beauty, this amazing beauty boutique that has locations nationwide and hires people who know their stuff when it comes to selecting products that ladies will love to have in their makeup and beautifying routine.

Stila Rockin in Rio and Lovely in London Set

Stila Rockin in Rio and Lovely in London Set

The makeup I tried was Stila – Lovely in London and Rockin in Rio. The two shades of makeup were very different from each other. Lovely in London had a pinker, peacher hue to the collection (which said daytime to me) and Rockin in Rio had a darker, smokier touch which screamed night time wear.

I have fair skin and I found the lighter tones worked better for me. The blush was a liquid blush that made my cheeks glow. They provided directions on the makeup itself on how to put it on correctly too! Like I said, I’m a five minute makeup type of girl so anything that makes the process easier is a winner to me.

Overall, this makeup made me think of fantastic stocking stuffers or a gift item for any type of lady. Like any makeup purchasing decisions, take into consideration the type of skin tone a lady has and don’t hesitate to contact PlanetBeauty directly and ask their opinion about what you should buy (especially if you are little less makeup intiutive than some!).


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of makeup in exchange for this review.

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