Norwex Body Cloth Pack Review and Giveaway {Ends 7/20 USA/Can}

Can you imagine cleaning your body with just water and a cloth? I know I would never have imagined it was possible until I was introduced to Norwex and their Body Cloths.


I was sent a 3 pack of the Body Cloths to review in the vintage colors, and I have to say I was quite skeptical that I could really clean my body without soap, but I was willing to try it out.  I have loved the other Norwex product I have tried before because they are so soft and super absorbent, but the big WOW factor for me is that Norwex has a microsilver thread woven into the cloths making them antibacterial! They self-sanitize as they dry so I am able to cut down on laundry. In turn, I create less waste for landfills, and I am saving money all the while. Pretty crazy that one little cloth can have that big of an impact, but it does!

I have really loved using my Body Cloths in the shower in place of a luffa and body wash. The clothes have a slight exfoliation to them so they leave your body feeling soft and smooth. Because they do exfoliate they have been perfect for scrubbing my baby’s tiny head to make sure she did not get cradle cap on her sweet scalp.

The exfoliation is great on my body but it did find that it was a little too much for my face to handle every day. I use a scrub for my face to exfoliate once or twice a week so I would use the regular Body cloth in place of that exfoliation. If you find yourself with sensitive/semi-sensitive skin also then you will want to check out the Makeup Removal Cloths. They also come in a three pack but they do not exfoliate and are made for sensitive facial skin. I did not get to try these out, but I think that this would be the next step to switching over to no soap washing for me. I would use the Makeup Removal Cloths on a daily basis and then I would use the Body Cloths with the exfoliation once or twice a week.

The clothes are super simple to use! All you do is run them under warm water and ring them out a little and wash–easy! The more water you ring out the more exfoliating the cloth will be so I used the cloth very wet for my face, and a little more wringed out for my body. I always use a good moisturizer after I wash because I usually get that horrible tightening feeling from your skin getting overly dried out from soap, but I don’t get that feeling when I wash with Norwex. My skin feels clean and soft enough that I could probably skip the lotion now.

Body Cloth Pack Details:


  • Antibacterial Microfiber with a 2 Year Warranty
  • Removes Makeup, Dirt, Oils, and Dead Skin with Only Water
  • No Need for Chemicals or Soap to Clean Effectively
  • Colors: Beige, Taupe, and Grey(Vintage Pack)
  • 12 inches x 12 inches

Buy: You can shop for your own on Amy’s website and be sure to check out all of the other great products Norwex offers.

Win: One lucky fan will win a Norwex Body Cloth set just like the one I reviewed above! Enter below to win.

 Special thanks to Amy Fullmer an independent Representative with Norwex for sending the Body Cloth pack to review and for sponsoring this great giveaway!  All of my opinions are my own and are 100% honest.
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  1. Marti Tabora says:

    I think my favorite would have to be the Enviro Cloth, although they do have a really great selection to choose from, so I would certainly like to try some other products as well.

  2. Kortney Picker says:

    The body cloth is actually my favorite item or the toothbrushes they are amazing as well. My daughter used to get eye infections all the time and I would use the norwex body cloth and it would go away, they are amazing!

  3. Virginia Rowell says:

    I think my favorite would be the Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash.

  4. The baby hooded towel set is my favorite.

  5. The baby hooded towel set is my favorite. The Antibac is something I really like about it and such a great shade of green.

  6. I would love to try the Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash.

  7. I love Norwex products! I would love the Baby Hooded Towel Set or a mop collection system

  8. Maureen says:

    I love the envirowand with the telescopic handle! That would be amazing to help clean for areas that I can’t reach!


  9. Their veggie and fruit scrubbing cloth would be nice to try. We eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and I can see that being very handy. Thanks.

  10. The peppermint foaming hand wash. I love foaming soaps and peppermint is so refreshing.

  11. wen budro says:

    My fave product is the crystal deodorant.

  12. janetfaye says:

    I would like to try the Window Cloth.

  13. I would like to try out the window cloth too. I clean a few homes, and streaks on the window is a problem for me.

  14. Melissa S says:

    I would love to try the peppermint foaming hand wash, it sounds like it would smell great.

  15. Patricia says:

    I like the baby hooded towel.

  16. Jessica H. says:

    I would love to try the Kitchen Cloth Trio. I was fortunate enough to receive a set of three norwex clothes over 6 years ago as a Christmas gift. The towels are still being used in my house today and except for some fading, you can hardly even tell their age! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  17. Angela saver says:

    Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash is my favorite item!

  18. Debby Chandler says:

    I like the kids back pack.

  19. samantha brown says:

    the body cloth is my fav

  20. Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash

  21. Michelle T says:

    I’d heard of Norwex kitchen towels, but I’m kinda mindblown by the Silver Care Toothbrush! A self sanitizing toothbrush?! Genius!

  22. Wendy hutton says:

    would love the kitchen scrub cloth

  23. lisa flamino carr says:

    Makeup Removal Cloths would be my fave =)

  24. kathy dalton says:

    i love the Mediterranean Meditation Organics Olive Oil Salt Scrub

  25. allyson tice says:

    My favorite product is Norwex Mop Starter Collection!

  26. June Lisle says:

    Bath Towel Trio sounds pretty nice.

  27. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I like the Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash.

  28. Georgia Beckman says:

    My favorite product is the magnet ball that prevents calcium from building up in dishwashers and washing machines. I would also love to try their drain care.

  29. Samantha L. says:

    I want to try their different mop pads!

  30. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite is the Bath Mat – Latte

  31. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Like the baby hooded towel set.

  32. Stephanie O'Day says:

    I would love the Baby Hooded Towel Set!

  33. LeeAnn Boggs says:

    My favorite product would be the XL Bath Towel. You can never have too much towel.

  34. I like the kitchen scrub cloths and the dish mat.

  35. Tamra Phelps says:

    I want their Superior Mop Collection! We need a new mop.

  36. pamela j says:

    the baby hooded towel

  37. My fave product is the crystal deodorant.

  38. Melinda Stephens says:

    I like the Kids Mop Package.

  39. Jessica Medina says:

    I like trying out new products. I would love to try out any of their bathroom care products.

  40. Who was the winner for this contest?

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