Dria Cover Review and Giveaway (8/28) USA only

Are you pregnant or nursing or know someone that is?  You need to read this review and enter our giveaway for the EVER!  Yes I was send a Dria Cover for review, but I truly give my honest opinion and I am telling you this is the only nursing cover you will ever need or want! 

using the dria cover
When I opened my cover the first thing I noticed was how extremely soft the fabric was.  (I wish that all of my receiving blankets were this soft.)  I have ended up using my cover as a baby blanket many times when I forgot to grab one from home.  The cover is big enough that I just fold it in half so the opening is on the fold and wrap baby D up nice and comfy.  It has also been used many times when we are out to eat and one of the kids gets cold.  They love to wear my cover as a poncho and snuggle in the soft fabric.

I usually end up balling the Dria cover up and stuffing it in my bag and it always comes out pretty much wrinkle free even after being in the bottom of my diaper bag.  There is tons of stretch in this fabric so I can easily open the neckline to peak at the baby and then it bounces back to give me the coverage I need.  Because I use this nursing cover every time I leave the house it has gotten dirty.  I have washed it many time and it still looks brand new.  The fabric holds up well to washing and the quality stitching allows for the cover to take a lot of stress from stretching and puling without destroying it.

Dria Cover 2
I would love this cover even if I only used if for the couple of ways I have described above, but there are even more uses for this cover and that is why, in my opinion, this product is over the top fabulous.  I really like that I do not need a different carseat or stroller cover–I can just use my Dria Cover, and the fashion statements you can make wearing this cover are too cute!

The company sums up their cover so perfectly in the quote below…

“Unlike anything else out there, the Dria Cover truly does it all.  With so many necessary items in our diaper bags, we need all the space and simplicity we can get.  Dria Cover truly is the Swiss Army Knife of maternity products.

  • Fashionable enough be to worn even when not nursing, it is the perfect maternity poncho
  • Nurse in style, not an apron. Dria provides full coverage when feeding while remaining a discreet nursing cover
  • The perfect stroller and car seat cover, the neck opening gives easy access to handles and fabric gives a breathable barrier to the elements for your baby
  • Silky soft baby blanket, wrap, towel, and many other fantastic uses.”

Dria Cover

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Thank you to Dria Cover for sponsoring this review and giveaway!
All opinions are my own and 100% honest!


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  1. I love, love, love the versatility of this! SUPER neat product! And so fashionable!

  2. kathy dalton says:


  3. I really like that you can use it for so many things and it’s not stuck being used for one thing only.

  4. I love how versatile the covers can be. The patterns are also pleasant.

  5. Linda Trinklein says:

    I like the
    “Solana” Cover!

    And how awesome you can use it for so much!!!

  6. I love that it just looks like a cute top!

  7. Vivian Sun says:

    Love that it is poncho even after you are done nursing!

  8. I love that it can be used in more than one way!

  9. Michele P says:

    what is there not to like? it can be used for many years for baby, for you, and it is very versatile-with this you are really getting your money’s worth and it would make a great gift.

  10. Love having something that will cover EVERYTHING!

  11. Nicki Joseph says:

    It is dual purpose..from a nursing cover to a car seat cover 🙂 love it.

  12. Denise konkel says:

    The prints are so cute!

  13. Saver Sara says:

    I love that you can wear it so it is convenient and nothing something else you have to carry around.

  14. Love the Oslo pattern, looks so comfy for nursing in public. My baby hates the hooter hider that i tried, it is such thick cotton that he can’t breathe and sweats a lot, esp horrible in summer.

  15. Jessica K says:

    I love that I could use this over the car seat as well as using it for a cover and it’s so cute and light weight.

  16. I like the 4 super cute patterns

  17. I like that its wrinkle resistant.

  18. I like that it is organic fabric!

  19. natalie parvis says:

    I love that it’s breathable, fashionable, and easily transportable! So cool.

  20. Teresa Thompson says:

    the most fashionable, exclusive and environmentally friendly nursing covers on the market

  21. I like that they can also be covers for the stroller and the car seat.

  22. kemberley crosswhite says:

    i like that you can wear it as a poncho, use it to cover while nursing and to use to shield baby from wind and weather on the go!!


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