Small Wins #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

I have to say this quote has been on my mind for awhile now. You see I have this really bad habit of comparing myself to others and feeling I come up short. From weight loss, to parenting to even blogging. I always feel like I am not getting where I need to be. So […]

Smile #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

A smile can make your day brighter and can help someone you don’t know have a better day. So smile because honestly it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

Happy Endings #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

This is one of those simple quotes that says a lot. Everyone get so caught up in finding their happy ending that they forget to live the story. So stop worrying about your happy ending and live your story.  You just might find it’s an awesome story to be part of. True story.

Do the Impossible #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

No matter how many people say you can’t do something, do it anyway. As Walt said, “It’s fun to do the impossible, and it’s also fun to prove people wrong.”  So go ahead do the impossible–because you can!  

Be You, Be Happy #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Do you find yourself comparing you to others?  I do sometimes. I will see a mom or woman and wonder am I as good as them. The answer? Yes you are. So stop comparing yourself to others and be the best you that you can be.  You’ll be surprised by how happy you become being […]

Happiness #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

This quote came across my social media feed and has been knocking around my head for awhile. It spoke to me in that I do just this. I look at the people around me sometimes and compare myself to them. I began to realize that if I just look at myself and stop worrying about […]

Believe In Yourself #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

    This quote is one of my favorites. It speaks to the child within me and let’s her know that just believing in herself is where all the magic in the world lies.  Do you believe in yourself? You should because when you do the magic comes to life and wonderful things begin to […]

Break Free of the Walls #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Do you ever feel trapped? If so it’s time to break free of the walls you have built for yourself and embrace the endless possibilities that lay before you. Laugh, dance and be happy.