Small Wins #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

I have to say this quote has been on my mind for awhile now. You see I have this really bad habit of comparing myself to others and feeling I come up short. From weight loss, to parenting to even blogging. I always feel like I am not getting where I need to be. So when I read this quote it really hit me.

I began to think maybe it is the little wins that equal great success. Like in my weightloss journey a pound here or a half of pound there may not seem much at the time but in the end they add up to a great weight loss.

Maybe letting my kid have that extra slice of cake wasn’t the greatest parenting move but then he comes home with an A+ on a test he was nervous about and I think maybe I’m Not doing so bad. My point is that it’s the small wins that lead us to the greatest success.


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