Smile It Looks Good on You #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Go ahead smile it looks good on you. The prettiest girl in the room is the one that is the happiest. SO smile be happy it looks good on you and will make everyone want to know how you look so fabulous.

Corner of Awesome #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

If you ever find yourself lost and feeling alone just remember you are awesome. It’s a true fact because no one can do you better than you. YOu are one of a kind and you are all that and a bag of chips. After all you are sitting on the corner of awesome and Bombdiggity.

Dance #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Did you know more people dance when they are happy? Did you also know that dancing itself can make you happy? this in mu opinion proves that if you dance you will smile and smiling leads to laughter and laughter leads to having fun. So Just dance.

Take A Smile #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Have you ever notice how smiles are contagious. You see someone smiling and then you smile. Someone sees you smiling they smile. Before long everyone is smiling. It is such a good feeling to smile or to make someone else smile. So today I give you a smile. Go ahead take one.

Have You Smiled Today? #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

There is 24 hours in a day. ┬áThat’s 1440 minutes and 86,4000 seconds. That’s a lot of time to be grumpy and sad. It is also a lot of time to allow people to steal your happy and your sparkle. So think about it. With all that time rushing around you have you stopped to […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Do you find yourself always worrying about tomorrow? Things like how are you going to pay your bills, what do the other moms think of me, am I going to wake to find another grey hair or any number of other things. Yeah me to and you want to know what I have been learning […]

One of a Kind #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

I adore the Minions. I am one of those people who get sucked into facebook reading all the cute memes. Any ways I really got tickled recently by this Meme and wanted to share it go pass the giggles on. Not only that but we should all be a limited edition. We should never try […]

Wear a Smile #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

  We spend hours trying to decide what to wear. Should we go casual, dressy or fashionable. Which shoes do we wear or which bag should we take. As it turns out all we really need is to wear a smile and the whole outfit is perfect because we made it complete with a smile […]