Take Control #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity


This quote caught my attention this week. It came along when I really needed it. I have been trying so hard to make everyone happy that I have lost sight of me. I now realized I need to take control back because all those people I was trying to make happy don’t even care if […]

Smile #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity


A smile can make your day brighter and can help someone you don’t know have a better day. So smile because honestly it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

Happy Endings #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity


This is one of those simple quotes that says a lot. Everyone get so caught up in finding their happy ending that they forget to live the story. So stop worrying about your happy ending and live your story.  You just might find it’s an awesome story to be part of. True story.

Be Happy #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity


Alway do more of what makes you happy. Fill your life with happiness and there won’t be any room for regret or sadness.