Be Positive #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Someone once told me to attract positive things I had to be positive. I truly thought at the time they were crazy. However as time went by and I started changing my negative thoughts into positive thought I began to realize I was happier and the happier I was the more positive the things around […]

Easy Going #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Sometimes life is hard I mean like really hard and other times it is pretty easy. There are days when you wonder what it is all for and others when you celebrate how amazing you are. Life is a game of push and pull. ┬áJust remember that when the days are tough and you want […]

Good Vibes #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Summer is here and the living is good. Some days you just have to smile at the small things like sun shining, kids laughing and just let the good vibes in. Celebrate the small things in life with a smile.

Make Your Own Story #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

  No matter what or who you choose to be you are creating your own life story. A story that is uniquely yours and no one else’s. So make it a story you want to read over and over again. After all you’re the author of your own life.

Be Happy #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

Alway do more of what makes you happy. Fill your life with happiness and there won’t be any room for regret or sadness.  

Look Forward #sharegoodness #spreadpositivity

This quote stuck with me today. I sometime feel that we spend so much time looking back that we are unable to see what’s in front of us. If we spent more time looking forward to the road ahead we would reach our goals much quicker, than if we are always looking behind to where […]