Thirty-One Gifts Review and Giveaway (Ends 10/9)

is the perfect place to find amazing gifts, purses and bags for home or on the go.  They are focused on empowering women and helping them develop community. Thirty-One has over 120,000 consultants and over 2,000 employees. They are a major company that carries pieces with so many options!

Without question my favorite feature of Thirty-One Gifts is their selection. They carry such a wide variety of pieces and I love that they offer each of their pieces in a variety of patterns and designs. Here are some of my favorite Thirty-One pieces:

PicMonkey Collage31

Almost every product that Thirty-One Gifts carries can be personalized. Personalized products are very popular right now and I love that Thirty-One Gifts has that option. Their pieces are wonderful with or without personalization.

Recently I received the . This tote is fabulously versatile. I have used it to carry swimsuits, towels and pool toys. I have also used it in my car to organize toys, books and snacks. The possibilities are endless! It really is an all-purpose tote. It is approx. 11.75”H x 21.5”W x 10”D and I am constantly impressed with how much this bag can hold. I really appreciate that it is sturdy and holds it shape but is also collapsible for easy storage when you are not using it. This bag alone is available in 22 patterns!


Thirty-One Gifts has an online store but the best way to purchase Thirty-One products is through a consultant. Your consultant is your resource for product information and also lets you know when there are deals and discounts available. Beth (a.k.a. Bag Lady Beth) is my consultant. On her  she keeps you up to date on sales, specials and promotions. She also lets you know what styles are new and which ones are being discontinued. I am not one who loves having or attending parties where things are being sold but I do love being aware of deals and products so that I can make a purchase anytime without any pressure.

Thirty-One Gifts is a wonderful company with fabulous products. It is a great company to have in mind for gifts this holiday season.

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My Little Seat Review and Giveaway (Ending 10/6)

photo 1
My family loves to travel a lot and to have dinner with friends and extended family as often as possible. I cannot tell you how many times I have eaten with one (or both) of my children in my lap. Knowing that we had a trip planned I was looking for a solution to our dinner time challenge and I was very excited to have found My Little Seat. is a fabric travel highchair that can fit on round or square back chairs. It even has holes for chair poles! I love that My Little Seat is the safest travel highchair with a five-point harness system. It really is a secure and comfortable option for your little ones.

photo 1 copy 3

The fact that My Little Seat is made of double thick fabric makes it lightweight and durable. One of my favorite features of My Little Seat is that it is machine washable! How wonderful is that? I also love that it comes with its own little traveling bag that easily fits into a diaper bag. My Little Seat is for children about 6 months old up to 35 pounds. It only takes a few seconds to get it set up and I absolutely love that it allows my little on to sit with us at the table. It is amazing to see how happy she is when she gets to sit with us and be a part of the action at the table.

photo 2
My Little Seat is perfect for traveling because it is extremely compact and easy to set up. It can actually fold up to be about the size of a diaper! I love using it when we are somewhere where there are not available high chairs. It is also perfect to use at restaurants when the highchairs look questionable, which, let’s be honest, is most of the time.

It is such an effective and practical solution that I have used My Little Seat more than I ever thought I would! Honestly, my daughter loves her seat so much we barely use her high chair anymore. My Little Seat is a perfect gift for a baby shower or new mom. It is available in such fun patterns and designs that they get a lot of attention. I wish that I had known about it when I had my son!



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Winning Moves Games Review & Giveaway (Ends 9/30)

One of my favorite things about the holidays is spending time with family and playing games. So many of my childhood memories involve playing classic games like Sorry, Clue, Yahtzee, Life and Rack-o with my family. carries classic versions of these games and more on their website!


Winning Moves is a leading maker of classic card and board games for kids and adults. They have a great relationship with Hasbro Inc. Hasbro owns Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley Games. Now many classic games from these companies are exclusively made by Winning Moves Games. Because of this the prices on Winning Moves website are even better than big box stores!

I was so excited to have the opportunity to receive . I loved the fact that it is the exact same packaging and designs that were on the version that I grew up with and I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood while making new memories with my family.

Beyond offering wonderful games and puzzles I love that Winning Moves also has resources where you can find for the games that they carry. This is amazing! I cannot tell you how many times we have lost rules or run out of score sheets! I know that I will take advantage of this fabulous resource! It is details like this that score Winning Moves big points in my book.

Playing games is a great way to teach children to take turns and how to win or loose gracefully. It is also so nice to turn off the electronics and have good, clean fun. Games are such a perfect gift for anyone on your list this holiday season! I love that Winning Moves Games provides classic, fun games that give you the opportunity to make wonderful memories with family and friends!

photo 4 copy

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Redmond Review and Giveaway (Ends 9/26)

Redmond is a company that believes nature got it right. They have a passion for wellness and are committed to keeping their products simple, clean and natural. carries a full line of Redmond Bath Salts, Earthpaste, Re-Lyte, Redmond Clay and Real Salt.

photo 4

In Central Utah there is a mineral-rich salt deposit from an ancient dead sea that is the source of the ingredients of Redmond products. Redmond contain an abundance of trace minerals that can help restore minerial-deficiencies through osmosis.

They come in two varieties: Redmond Bath Salt and Redmond Bath Salt Plus. They are both loaded with over 60 trace minerals and help to improve circulation, restore minerals to the body and promote a restful nights sleep. The difference between the two Bath Salts is that the Redmond Bath Salt Plus contains a higher concentration of the minerals, which results in a darker color. The minerals will leave a residue in the bathtub but clean up very easily. I had the opportunity to review the Redmond Bath Salt Plus and really enjoyed soaking before going to bed. It’s a great product and I love that it is all-natural without any additives. I would recommend getting a larger size because the smaller 18 oz container is only enough for 4 baths.


is an acquired taste. There are no artificial ingredients or foaming agents and the toothpaste is actually a tan/brown color. It has a unique texture but is completely safe. It is extremely all-natural and was just too much of a change for my family. If natural toothpaste is something you are used to or if you are wanting to make the change, Earthpaste would be great for you. Don’t be surprised if it takes a while to adjust to the taste if you are new to natural toothpastes.

Redmond comes from a natural clay deposit from volcanic ash near Redmond Utah. Clay has long been used on cuts, burns, muscle aches, bites, bruises and can even been ingested for settling an upset stomach. It is full of minerals and can be used in many ways. My husband was very sore and applied the clay mixture to his thigh. He actually noticed his muscle cramps go away.

Redmond’s is amazing! A little bit really does go a long way! I had the opportunity to review their Organic Seasoning, Garlic and Onion salts and was extremely impressed with the quality and flavor. It is free of additives, chemicals and heat processing. Real Salt is available in a variety of sizes including packets, shakers and bulk quantities.

Redmond is a passionate company that is dedicated to its customers and is committed to preserving its natural products. They have really been a pleasure to work with and I love that they want to make natural products accessible and affordable.


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Piggy Paint Review and Giveaway (Ends 9/25)

When I found out I was having a girl I was so excited to have a little lady to do all the girly things I love doing with! Doing our nails together was definitely near the top of the list but as I thought about it I didn’t want to put all the chemicals that are in conventional nail polish on her fingers and toes knowing how much time those adorable fingers and toes would be spending in her mouth! Shortly after my daughter was born a friend told me about and I was dying to try it out!

piggypaintPicMonkey Collage

Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, virtually odorless, kid-friendly nail polish. I love that Piggy Paint is a water based polish that is chemical free and as their slogan says, it is as Natural as Mud. Not only do I love that Piggy Paint is natural, I also love the fun and vibrant colors that it comes in!

They designed Piggy Paint with wiggly toes in mind! It wipes off skin easily and dries quickly. We received the Color Me Happy Set, which includes 8 bright and happy shades of Piggy Paint in an adorable and durable box! We have so much fun doing nails. I am surprised how quickly I can paint her nails and how much she actually enjoys seeing the colors on her nails!

Piggy Paint doesn’t last as long as traditional nail polish due to the fact that it is water based and is free from all the harmful chemicals that make traditional nail polishes last longer. It dries quickly but takes longer to fully cure for full hardness. Piggy Paint recommends that you blow dry the nails for 1 minute or apply after bath and before bedtime for full hardness and durability.

We always get so many compliments on her nails when they are painted. Piggy Paint Nail Polish is available in over 30 colors. They also have many gift sets in a variety of sizes. Piggy Paint is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the little cutie in your life this holiday season!

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Repeat Possessions Review and Giveaway (Ends 9/22)

Repeat Possessions is an online store for clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry. was founded in 2006 by Andrea, a mother of 4 teenagers who decided that she was done with running from store to store. She was overwhelmed when it came to shopping and so she decided to create an accessible, affordable place where it would be easy to find quality pieces that will become wardrobe staples that you will want to wear again and again. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

PicMonkey CollageOWB2

With fall coming I was on the hunt for a comfortable, casual hoodie that I could wear to take my son to school or lunch with friends. I decided to try the . It was a little outside of my usual comfort zone but I really liked how comfortable, long and lightweight it looked.

PicMonkey Collagegoe
When it arrived I was very impressed! It is obviously a quality piece. I love the detailing that I hadn’t noticed in the pictures; on the design that is on the front of the sweatshirt there are little rhinestone embellishments that add such a fun touch. It has still been hot here in Las Vegas but I have been wearing my hoodie in the evenings and I love it! It is beyond comfortable.

Another product I would love to try is the Repeat Possessions . It is one size fits all, long, with full coverage in the front and is available in 61 colors! Repeat Possessions is approved to carry and private label the entire line!

PicMonkey Collage67h

In addition to carrying quality products that you will love and want to wear again and again Repeat Possessions offers products that give back. They sell PRVCY Premium Denim, which supports breast cancer awareness charities including Susan G. Komen for the Cure. They also donate to Hope for SMA, and Wolf Connection.


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Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review and Giveaway (Ends 9/19)

photo 4 copy
I have had my current sheets for longer than I care to admit. I knew that it was time for a new set and so I did one of my favorite things to do: research! I started combing the Internet trying to find the best sheets out there and I discovered Sheets. I’m not sure if I have been living under a rock or was just oblivious to the wonder that is Bamboo Sheets but I am so excited to tell you all about them!

I did know that bamboo is the most sustainable, renewable resource on the planet but I had no idea it was so incredibly versatile! Cariloha Bamboo is beyond silky. It is twice as soft as cotton and is even softer than 1,000-thread count Egyptian cotton. When I first heard that claim it was hard to believe, but let me tell you, I have never felt sheets that are softer than my .


Beyond being extremely soft and environmentally friendly, I love the fact that Cariloha Bamboo sheets keep you 3 degrees cooler in the summer than cotton sheets due to the water wicking properties of bamboo. My husband is an extremely hot sleeper and we have both noticed a huge difference since using our new sheets. Cariloha also says that its temperature regulating properties will keep you insulated and warmer in the winter. I have not yet used my sheets in the cooler months but I do believe that this will prove to be very true.

I love my sheets! They are fantastic! I really appreciate the fact that my Cariloha Bamboo sheets are extra deep fitted (up to 18’ deep), that they are Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and to top it off they are easily machine washable. I have also heard that unlike cotton, bamboo sheets will not discolor over time. The only possible drawback is that they come out of the dryer very wrinkly. At first I was concerned but as soon as they were on the bed they were perfect. I do still recommend taking them out of the dryer immediately.

PicMonkey Collage

Cariloha Bamboo carries their amazing sheets in several different colors including blue, sage, tan and white. They are priced starting at $99. In addition to their sheets Cariloha Bamboo also carries towels, robes, blankets, clothing for men and women along with accessories.  Cariloha Bamboo is a fantastic company and these sheets are nothing short of quality.

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Oransi Robby Wash Laundry Ball Review and Giveaway (Ends 9/16)

Laundry is a never-ending chore in our house. Thankfully, doing the laundry is one of my favorite household tasks. With a baby, busy toddler, workout clothes, my husbands work clothes, sheets, towels, etc. I easily do 4-5 loads a week. At night when I leave my son’s room after tucking him in he always tells me to have fun folding laundry. It is something I often do at night when the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. It gives me a chance to catch up on my TV shows instead of the animated ones I watch in the day.


If I do have a complaint about laundry it is the mess. I hate all the soaps, detergents and residue. Recently I had the opportunity to review . While it was hard for me to comprehend how a tiny ball was going to clean my clothes I was so excited to see how it worked!

The Robby Wash Ball has unique, patented technology that cleans your laundry wonderfully! It contains small macromolecule pellets that gradually release in the wash dissolving stains and cleaning all your fabrics. The best part is that the Robby Wash Ball Pack contains 10 ounces of pellets, which can clean for 12 months or 120 washes. That is equivalent to 1,200+ ounces or 75 lbs. of laundry detergent. At $32.95 a pack the savings really do add up. The Robby Wash’s effectiveness is tested, proven and guaranteed.

photo 2
It works in hot or cold water and with front loading and top loading machines. One Robby Wash Ball can clean ten pounds of laundry in a single wash. If you prefer larger loads they recommend using two Robby Wash Balls. These laundry balls can be used with or without bleach but you should never put the laundry ball in the dryer. It could damage the washing ball and reduce its effectiveness.

Along with the full Robby Wash Laundry Ball you also receive 3 extra refill pellet packs and a stain stick. The stain stick in my opinion was the least amazing part of the pack. It is pretty small and while I tested it on several different stains I didn’t find it to be consistently more effective than my regular stain remover.

Over all I am extremely impressed with my Robby Wash Laundry Ball Pack. It cleans my clothes easily without making a mess. I smile every time I start the washer without putting in detergent.  I absolutely appreciate that it is hypoallergenic since the men in my life have sensitive skin. It is very gentle. The Robby Wash has no phosphates or chlorine nad is RoHS lead free.

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