Joovy Greenie Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller Review

I have been lucky enough to test out a few different brands of tandem strollers with baby D, but the stroller and company that I’ve been most looking forward to reviewing is and their caboose ultralight stand-on tandem stroller.

The stroller shipped very quickly and showed up on my front door pre-assembled in a huge box . The only thing we had to do was put the wheels and canopy on. A nice feature I noticed right away was that the handles on this stroller are higher than a normal stroller so it’s a great height for my husband or myself to use.

I received the greenie color, which I absolutely love, but I was worried that the bright green on the seats would get dirty quickly.  The fabric is very durable and does not show dirt like I thought it would.  It is easy to clean with a wet washcloth  when needed.


This stroller can turn on a dime, pivots well, can get in and through tight spaces while you’re shopping or going down aisles, etc.  I love the lightweight frame of this stroller. It is the lightest stroller that I’ve tested out so far. Because the frame is so light, if you overload the stroller with kids or shopping purchases, it does make it a little hard to steer. So you’ll want to make sure to stay within the fifty pound limit that Joovy recommends, but I think that that is a small compromise for the ease of use that you get with this stroller.

The under storage basket has enough storage for my diaper bag and a few other things, and the jump seat on the back moves back and forth so you can easily reach in from up top to get into the storage basket. There are also pockets on either side of the basket for extra storage and pockets on the side of the front seat to store toys, treats, or snacks.


I love the super hip parent organizer.  Instead of the plain old plastic cup holder and tray I have seen on every other stroller the caboose has a machine washable neoprene organizer.  It can easily hold sippy cups and a water bottle, my wallet, and there’s even a zipper pocket for my keys. The only drawback of this type of organizer is that it will not hold fountian drinks in paper cups easily. 

I love the infant car seat attachment because it is universal for all car seats and there is a security belt that buckles to give new mommies peace of mind that their baby will be safe while riding in this stroller.  There are a few different colors to choose from ranging from bright orange to black.  There is even an option to add an extra seat where the sit or stand area is.  This stroller offers a lot in a little package!

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Thank you to Joovy for the Caboose Stroller to review!
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  1. Oh my gosh that is awesome!!! I NEED that stroller!! Thank you for the review!! I WANT ONE!!!


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