Baby Trend Sit ‘n Stand Stroller Review

One of the challenges of having four kids seven and younger is transporting them when we run errands or if we go out on the town. I found that after I had my second child that a typical double stroller was not necessarily the best option for me when we were out, and a single stroller was not an option at all.  After doing some research I found the wonderful invention of a sit ‘n stand stroller.  I immediately went out and got myself a sit ‘n stand and have used it faithfully for the last six years.  As you might imagine, after six years and three kids we were in need of a new stroller.  I was very excited to review the with our new baby.

I comes almost fully assembled so it is very easy to put together.  My husband just had to attach the wheels and canopy and we were ready to go. 


Needless to say, there have been A LOT of advancements in strollers over the past six years and even though my old stroller held up well through three kids I have noticed some big differences.  The first is the size of the stroller.  The Baby Trend is much more compact and MUCH lighter than my old stroller.   I really like
how it is so easy to maneuver through stores. I took my kids to the mall and my Baby Trend Sit ‘n Stand made shopping very easy.  It can turn and pivot in small spaces and it fits inside the tight store isles. My old stroller would not even fit in many stores so I had to take my kids out of it to shop which totally defeats the purpose of putting kids in the stroller!  Frustrating.

I love having my two or even three kids in the stroller now, but I am especially looking forward to having my newborn so close to me in the jump seat area while my three year old can still ride in the front of the stroller.

You can which makes it the most versatile tandem stroller on the market today.  There is a large storage basket under the stroller and lots of cup holders for drinks.  I love this feature because we take our water bottles and drinks with us everywhere, and now each child has a place to hold them.  There is also small compartment near the handles to hold sunglasses or keys.  It has a lid so that your things are secure but easily accessible.

I really feel like Baby Trend thought of everything on this Sit ‘n Stand stroller.  Big thumb up from us!


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  1. Wow I’m surprised you can fit so many kids on one stroller! That’s really impressive.

  2. This would be something I’d need for a new baby since our son is 3, but small for his age and often gets tired when we walk a lot.

  3. This stroller is awesome!! I love that it is so versatile! From the tiny baby stage to the toddler stage, it looks like this does everything!

  4. Wow! That does look like an amazing invention! Wish i would have known about that with my first two! congrats on the baby…cute family!

  5. I am in the market for a new stroller! I will be checking these out! Thanks!

  6. Very cool. Anything that keeps the kids happy and makes it easy for us moms is a wonderful thing! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  7. Well, Baby Trend produces a wide range of strollers but all of them are not too good…… but some of them can be good strollers…… it also depends on your budget, requirements etc.

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  9. Melanie nuneZ says:

    Hellooooooooooooooooo!!! I just read your review on the sit and stand stroller from baby trend. I want this inmediately. Have two kids and a third one on the way. My first is 5, second is four and am pregnant right now. Can you please specify which one you have since I read on the page there are various ones. I need the one like in the pix you posted where two toddlers can go in the back and the new baby with the car seat. Thank you so much! Hope I hear from you soon!
    These are the ones there are in the page:
    Double Eclipse


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    Baby Trend Sit ‘n Stand Stroller Review

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