Balance Bar BARE Review

We have active dads in our family. And we just tend to be an on-the-go family too – between work, church, visiting the community garden, outings. So one item we try to always keep on hand are snack bars! But the good kind, not the full of sugar kind.

We’ve been enjoying Balance Bar’s new BARE bar – a great nutrition and energy bar (and one of America’s original bars!). 
What makes Balance Bar BARE a great idea for a Father’s Day gift is that it encourages dad’s active lifestyle, in a sweet way! You’ll be making dad’s life more convenient, tasty, and healthy when you add some of these bars to your gift for dad this Father’s Day!
BARE Balance Bars are sweetened with natural organic agave and brown rice syrup – none of that high fructose stuff or artificial sweenteners! And with 15 grams of protein, these bars will keep dad going, whether he’s hiking, biking, golfing, or playing with the kids!
These bars are crunchy, filling, and come with a delicious bottom layer of chocolate! My husband was mowing the lawn this week, and my son was so excited to give him a “snack” that he chased my husband down across the yard just to hand him a BARE bar!! It was adorable! And just shows how the smallest gesture can mean a lot to a dad! 
Another great feature is the 40/30/30 nutritional model – this is a model I first learned about years ago when I did The Zone Diet, and I LOVE how eating this way made me feel! 40% of calories are from carbs, 30 from protein, and 30 from dietary fat. Eating in these ratios helps stabilize blood sugar levels, satisfies hunger, and gives lasting energy. 
BUY IT: Right now, Balance Bar is offering a unique Father’s Day Gift Set featuring the BARE bars! The is just $17.84 and includes 15 BARE bars, a blue BPA-free Balance Bar water bottle and special Father’s Day card! 
You can, of course, purchase BARE bars in boxes of their separate flavors, and look for them at stores near you!

Thanks to Balance Bar for providing BARE bars for review!
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