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I have always loved doing my hair but it has become such a challenge since having kids! Not only do I have less time to do my hair, pregnancy actually changed the texture of my hair completely! I have naturally thick hair (and a lot of it), which makes it hard to have volume at the roots because it gets weighed down as it gets longer. Since moving to Las

Vegas my hair has gotten to be so dry and frizzy. Finally, thanks to my pregnancy hormones over the last few years, my hair (which has always been straight) is now curly. As you can see, my hair is now a challenge! I have been looking for a solution and came across the HBL Volumizing System. It has been a total game changer for me!

Over the past few years it feels like I have tried everything. Each product that fixes one issue complicates another. For example I recently tried a smoothing shampoo that made my hair greasy and weighed it down. I’ve also tried other Volumizing products that end up making my hair even frizzier while also drying out my scalp. The HBL Volumizing System actually fixes everything! It makes my hair feel clean, smooth and healthy without being greasy or drying out my scalp.

The HBL Volumizing System is gluten, paraben and allergen free. It includes:

I must say the Hair Masque is my favorite. It gives such an intense conditioning that is practically a facial for your hair!

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When I first received the HBL Volumizing System I was immediately impressed with the packaging; it really is beautiful. As soon as I opened the first bottle fell in love with the scent! As I used it I was blown away with how much smoother it made my hair feel instantly. I also noticed that a little bit of each product went a long way. Not to sound cheesy, but I could feel that my hair was cleaner! I was so tired that first night that I didn’t even blow-dry my hair.

When I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror I was amazed! I do not ever remember my hair looking that good right after waking up. Shortly thereafter my best friend came over and as soon as I opened the door she said, “I just saw you last night, what did you do to you hair and why does it look so beautiful!” I was stunned! The improvement was obvious even after the first use, which has never happened before.

In the weeks since I started to use the HBL Volumizing System the results and reactions have continued to be the same. The system has also made it easier for me to get ready because I don’t have to spend as much time styling my hair. The HBL Volumizing System has made my hair so much more manageable. I am not usually someone who gets this excited about something but I am totally sold on HBL! Once you try it, I am confident that you will be too!

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Special thanks to HBL for the review products and sponsoring this great giveaway!

All of my opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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  1. Jill A. Collins says:

    My biggest hair problem would have to be breakage. I have very long hair that I color and after so many treatments it will start to break at the ends.

  2. Darlene Owen says:

    I hair doesn’t keep any curl.

  3. latanya says:

    dry hair

  4. Dry, breakage, and lack of volume!

  5. June Ebinger says:


  6. clark roberts says:

    mine is to flat i have thin fine hair

  7. My biggest is problem is limp, thin hair.

  8. My hair is thin and fine and DRY.

  9. Emillie says:

    My biggest hair problem is how thick it is. I straighten it and it only stays looking thin for a little while! Poofs right back out again!

  10. Kathy S says:

    I have naturally wavy hair and they never look the same two days in a row. On bad days, I have random hair sticking up!

  11. fine hair that became more fragile and prone to breakage as each year goes by. Looking at all the breakage and strengthening shampoos now being offered, this seems to be an increasing issue with a lot of people

  12. katherine d says:

    frizzy curls is my problem

  13. my biggest problem is breakage

  14. Sherry Compton says:

    Frizz but my daughter’s is volume and she would love this.

  15. Glenna F says:

    Split ends are my problem.

  16. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    My biggest hair problem is that mine is very fine and in serious need of volume.

  17. Diana Stanhope says:

    My hair is thinning, especially in the front.

  18. Doreen Caine says:

    My hair needs volume and would love to try this product…

  19. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    No waves and volume.

  20. Cher Garman says:

    My hair is frizzy no matter what I do!

  21. Denise Fo says:

    My hair is fine and tangles really easy :(

  22. Jennifer Cheng says:

    My biggest hair problem is frizz frizz frizz, especially in the rain! My curls never stay unless I use hair products.


    My biggest hair problem is that I have seriously baby FINE hair. My husband is so sweet about it, because it’s so fine it FEELS like air so he calls it angel hair awwww. I hate having fine hair though and am constantly on the watch to try to find the best volumizing products. I want thick shampoo commercial hair : D

  24. Thomas Bellamy says:


  25. sandra davis says:

    oily scalp and dry ends

  26. Lorna England says:

    Fine & flat. Yuk!

  27. It started thinning after my last child was born.

  28. Lynne T. says:

    Volume is my biggest problem as I have fine and thinning hair.

  29. Kelly McGrew says:

    my biggest problem is that my hair looks great but then it doesn’t stay that way!

  30. amy e craft says:

    damaged hair from coloring hair and I have curly hair which can become frizzy

  31. Kristen says:

    My hair is very oily.

  32. My hair is too thin

  33. Rachel Beltz says:

    Dry and breakage!

  34. Austin Baroudi says:

    My hair is always really dry.

  35. paola sanmiguel says:

    My hair is too thin

  36. FRIZZINESS !!!

  37. Frizz in the humidity

  38. Jaime Payne says:

    totally flat, no volume at all

  39. Sara Fletcher says:

    I dyed my hair a lot last year & it’s like it transformed into a nest of unnatural crappy doll hair , it is also kind of flat all the time

  40. Debra Guillen says:

    My biggest problem is thinning hair

  41. MaryAnn says:

    Too thick

  42. kenny hall says:

    Frizz :(

  43. Annamarie Magee says:

    Flakes :( and frizz

  44. Colleen Boudreau says:

    Frizz, and it doesn’t hold a curl.

  45. dorrie turner says:


  46. Dawn Ganey says:

    I have oily hair. No matter what shampoo I use cheap, expensive it stays oily, ugh!

  47. fiorella papini says:

    My hair is oily at the roots and dry at the ends … help!

  48. My biggest problem is that my hair is growing old, just like the rest of me.

  49. Melissa Hartley says:

    Frizzies & it’s very fine textured so this product might help it :)
    Thank you.

  50. sarah cool says:

    my hair is super thin and it gets oily quickly

  51. problem: frizz

  52. Danielle Porter says:

    Straight and no volume! People always assume that I straighten my hair and ask how I get it so smooth. It is always just flat!

  53. jane jakins says:


  54. my hair is really thin

  55. jessica edwards says:


  56. Victoria Carlson says:

    Biggest hair problem is having volume. Because my hair is so fine, even if I have a lot of it, it sure doesn’t look like it too often!

  57. richelle bowers says:

    my biggest problem is breakage

  58. My biggest hair problem is that it’s dry and damaged. Arg.

  59. Penelope Merriweather says:

    my biggest hair problem is dryness from a perm a year ago, dull and lifeless, lately I just wear it in a ponytail..! Thanks for this giveaway!

  60. allyson becker says:

    limp hair

  61. Annemarie Z. says:

    My biggest hair problems are the lack of volume and it is frizzy!

  62. its too flat

  63. Pamela Halligan says:

    My hair is frizzy and dry.

  64. Amanda Rauch says:

    My biggest hair problem is thin hair that likes to get frizzy

  65. Adrianne B says:

    My biggest hair problem is split ends.

  66. Diana Hatch says:

    My hair is fine with no body

  67. meegan whitford says:

    I have very fine thin hair so I need volume to look like i have some hair!

  68. Diane Cooper says:

    My hair is frizzy when it is humid, and I live in Alabama, where it is almost always humid, so my hair is almost always frizzy!

  69. dry and frizzy

  70. Mary Dailey says:

    I have naturally curly hair and sometimes it frizzes.

  71. my hair is flat and thin.

  72. Robin Wilson says:

    My biggest problem is dry ~ damaged hair due to meds

  73. Renee G says:

    My hair is dry and fine.

  74. Fiona N says:

    My hair is dry and frizzy :(

  75. My hair is very limp and needs the voluminizing.

  76. Lily Kwan says:

    split ends


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