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key holder accessory
I’m in a rush we’re running late for school . Everyone is finally in the car we are ready to go and where are my keys? I frantically dump the entire contents of my purse (where they are suppose to be) out into the floor and NO keys.  Back inside I go to search for the missing keys.  Whose been there? KEYWonder is an automatic accessory that simplifies the handling of keys.  I’m terrible about just setting my keys down only to search for them later. I’m also terrible about putting them in my purse and it has just way to many things in it. Making location like a a search for missing treasure. This new key holder accessory seems to be the answer  to my troubles.


Here is the perfect gadget for you guys and ladies who are tired of the endless search for your keys.  The KEYWonder automatic key holder accessory will put your keys right where you leave them.  How?  The KEYWonder clips onto your purse, belt loop or place of choosing.  It securely locks into place . The built in swivel allows for the easy movement of keys.  To release them simply press the two buttons and pull down and the top portion remains in place, but the bottom comes off with your keys.

KeyWonder automatic Key holder accesory

automatic key holder accessory by KEYWonder

What we Like about the KEYWonder key holder accessory:

  • It’s safe and secure
  • Helps Locate Keys more quickly
  • Strong magnet locks keys into place
  • Easy to connect easy to release
  • Is durable

I keep the KEYWonder clipped to my purse. Making the morning routine run more smoothly and helping us to not be late. No more excuses , no more digging I can find my keys right away. This key chain Rocks!



You can buy your own KEYWonder on their . They are available in black, pink, red and purple and priced at $9.99 each. You can also keep up to date and connected with KEYWonder on and on .

WIN IT: With thanks to KEYWonder 4 US YGTB followers will receive a purple key accessory just like mine. (arv $9.99) Just fill out the rafflecopter form below. Good luck!



disclosure: I received a complimentary product for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own, and may differ from yours.




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  1. Darlene Owen says:

    I found my keys down the side of the couch.

  2. REK981 says:

    Hubby lost a set of keys for a year!! They were lost in the spring and I found them the following summer, in the inside pocket of an old winter coat that he hadn’t been wearing! We think our child hid them (she was a toddler at the time). Getting a new car key is not cheap!!

  3. Emillie says:

    Surprisingly the worst place I have lost my keys was in my car! Unfortunately it was with the doors locked!

  4. Hello, lol, that was going to be my reply, that I found my lost keys inside my locked car, on more than 1 occasion. Thank you. Vicki

  5. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    We once lost our only set of keys to a vehicle we rarely used for about two months. I had purchased a car seat then later decided to return it. It sat in the box unopened for two months until the day I decided to return it. Well, this feeling came over me when I lifted the box to take it to the car, I gave it a shake and heard keys in the bottom!! Our two year old had placed the keys inside a gap in the box even though it was all taped up!

  6. Dawn Monroe says:

    My grandson threw my keys in the trash can once. Luckily my son saw him do it.

  7. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    I always loose my keys! I found them in the middle console in the car when I knew I just had them in my hands.

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