Cryoow! Doll Review and Giveaway (Ends 12/5)

Do you want to give your child a present they will absolutely adore this holiday?  Of course you do!  I know I am always on the search for unique presents for my kids and the more personalized the better!  What could be more personalized then your child’s unique drawing brought to life as a doll?  I am so in love with this concept and the company that is creating this fabulous product.


Let me introduce you to Cryoow!  It is a small company in Bali where they create one of a kind dolls by hand.  I am so touched by the dedication of the company to their employees.  You can read more about that on their .  Not only is Cryoow! Making children all over the world happy, but they are improving lives and doing good in the world! 


We just sent off our drawings so I can’t show you our before and after pictures yet (I will be posting them in early December when they arrive), but I can show you a few of the dolls that have already been created.

You can see from all of the pictures how it works—really the concept is simple—but certainly magical! 

SANTA CLAUS LETTERHEAD croowly watermarked

I love that there is so much attention to detail with each and every doll.  What an amazing gift for any child!  I created a letter from Santa to give to my children congratulating them for being on the Nice List.  Feel free to use my letter (just click on the picture or the text link) to put in your child’s stocking Christmas morning, or have their elf deliver it this week if you are trying to get your drawing sent off before the holiday shipping deadline.  Enjoy!


Follow: You can follow Cryoow! on and .

Buy: You get all the details and order you own unique doll on the .

Win: One lucky fan will win their own Cryoow! doll! Enter below to win.  (Please note that the winner of this giveaway will NOT receive their doll in time for Christmas!  Orders must be placed before November 29th for Christmas delivery!) 

Thank you to Cryoow!  for sponsoring this review and giveaway!
All opinions are my own and 100% honest!
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  1. Nicole Krutz says:

    I love that it was a child’s idea!! And I love them!! Totally need to have my kids start drawing me some pictures for them!

  2. Ann Barham says:

    I learned that they make dolls out of your drawings. Super nifty.

  3. I learned it was the ‘brain child’ of seven yr old Nora

  4. I think that is pretty neat a doll from a picture. What a way to create memories.

  5. lissa crane says:

    It means -CReate YOur very OWn personal doll! What a great idea-how could any parent not love this!

  6. I learned that they make dolls out of a drawing

  7. It means create your own.

  8. courtney hennagir says:

    Cryoow means create your own! I think it is such a cool concept and I know my son would love this!

  9. Create your own! I love love love this idea! awesome!!

  10. Toni Porter says:

    I learned that they’re based out of a small shop in Bali.

  11. samantha penrod says:

    It means -CReate YOur very OWn personal doll!

  12. I learned that they are 100% handmade in Bali.

  13. Elizabeth Moore says:

    That’s so neat, my daughter would love to have one of her drawings made into a doll.

  14. Dina Demarest says:

    It means create your own doll. Love that their young daughter came up with it.

  15. natalie parvis says:

    It means Create your own! I also learned that they are made in Bali by hand.

  16. rod jackson says:

    I didn’t know it meant create your own personalized doll

  17. Debbie Jackson says:

    November 29, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    I didn’t know it meant create your own personalized doll

  18. It stands for Create Your Own Doll and I didn’t know they were made in Bali.

  19. Jennifer H says:

    It means -CReate YOur very OWn . I love that you can have your child draw something and they create a doll out of it. They don’t try and “fix” it, they do it exactly as your child draws.

  20. I learned they are made in Bali, how cool is that!

  21. Jenny Pizana says:

    These are friggin. Awesome

  22. I learned they can take your child’s art and turn it into a lasting 3D memory!

  23. I love that the daughter wanted her doll to come to life.

  24. their 7 yr old thought this up

  25. brandy Fisk says:

    A 7 year old came up with the idea.

  26. lisa bolduc says:

    started from a 7 year old!

  27. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    This company is based in Bali, and supports their workers with decent wages, human working conditions, paid taxes and 3 months of maternity leave.

  28. They also make puppet and dog clothes for whole sale only

  29. CReate YOur very OWn Doll!

  30. they are a small companny in bali

  31. The tailor workshop is not a sweatshop. One sewer will work on a doll start to finish.

  32. Company is out of Bali

  33. Alexia Abby says:

    I learned that the website was started because the owner’s daughter Nora. She was the inspiration for the business. This is really cool!

  34. Dorrie Turner says:

    I think it is wonderful that they made a doll from their daughter’s drawings and now do it for anyone wishing that dream to come true for their child.

  35. Sara G Giresi says:

    Create your own personal doll! I love it!

  36. Idea inspired by a 7 year old

  37. april yedinak says:

    What a great company. I learned that CRYOOW stands for CReate YOur very OWn personal doll.

  38. I learned that the idea for the company came from their daughter asking their taylor to make a doll out of her drawing

  39. Billie Wilson says:

    “Tom” was the very first cryoow doll.

  40. I learned it was the ‘brain child’ of seven yr old Nora – smart girl!

  41. Jessica Hellfritsch says:

    They’re based in Bali!

  42. Cryoow means create your own doll.

  43. Judy Thomas says:

    The doll was the brain child of their 7 year old daughter

  44. Nora, a 7 year old inspired this wonderful endeavor! I actually made one doll based on my blog gravatar! :)

  45. Brett Nolan says:

    Ha ha…what a cute idea…my girls would LOVE this!

  46. Gabrielle says:

    It means Create Your Own Doll and is from Bali. Very neat! I love that it was started by a 7 year old girl’s drawing.

  47. I like that a kid came up with it.

  48. I learned that the company treats their employees really well and offers such benefits as 3 months paid leaves for new moms and starting wages that are 20% higher than the minimum wage.

  49. cheryl hodgkins says:

    I learned company is in Bali and their employees get 3 months of maternity leave
    Cryoow means create your own

  50. Very nice company in Bali… made from a 7 year olds idea. They treat their emplyees real good apparently :) Pretty freaking cool, I NEED one of these for my son!!

  51. Create Your Own
    looks fun!

  52. Samantha Daleo says:

    I learned that it means CReate YOur very OWn personal doll and that it was originally thought up by a 7 year old.

  53. Beth Gallinger says:

    They started in 2004.

  54. I love this idea, my 8 year old is a great artist, she would love something like this!

  55. Kimberly Schotz says:

    They are from Bali. Wow.

  56. Marlene Rose says:

    Create your own doll and the company is from Bali

  57. Lauren E. says:

    The company is located in Bali

  58. I learned that the company is in bali.

  59. Create Your Own doll
    OMG I have the perfect drawing my daughter did of my hubby!!

  60. I learned what Cryoow stands for, for one! And I learned that the company was inspired by the 7 year old daughter (I love that!). =0)
    Thanks for the chance.

  61. Create your own!!! I like the idea and concept. And would love to win a doll for my 5 yr. old girl, that has a very large imagination right now. She is always creating new things that amaze me daily. Thanks!! :)

  62. Ashley Fryer says:

    I love that a little girl was the one who came up with the idea.

  63. Dusty Schnur says:

    Cryoow stands for create your own. I love that it gives children the opportunity to bring their creations to life.

  64. Nicole Cramer says:

    it means create your own. i love this idea!!!

  65. Jessica Libby says:

    I learned that it means create your own

  66. means create your own

  67. Kym Poelzer says:

    It means Create your own! How awesome is that?! Especially since their little 7 yr old daughter Nora thought it up! <3! I would love to win one of these for my son!!!


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