Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

A few months ago we finally broke down and bought ourselves a new mattress.  Our old mattress had no support and I am pretty sure it was filled with sawdust, but hey it was a great deal. 😉  So we brought our shiny new mattress home and woke up rested and happy the next day.  Morning two came and I was feeling a little less rested and by morning four I was ornery from lack of sleep.  We had slept on a mattress with no support for so long that we swung all the way to the opposite side of the spectrum and bought an extra firm mattress—too firm. 

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At the time I was about six months pregnant and getting bigger and more uncomfortable, especially at night.  I contacted Linenspa and was thrilled to have them send me a to review.  I could not wait to get my shipment and thankfully it arrived very quickly.  I expected a huge box on my front porch since we have a Cal. King bed, but the box that came was only about 2 feet by 2 feet in width and height, but it was heavy!

We opened up the box and I was disappointed that the topper was only about a fourth of an inch thick…then I read the directions.  You have to let your topper fill with air before using it.  It will expand to the full height, but it takes about two days.  If you have the ability I recommend doing this outside so that the foam airs out at the same time it is puffing up.  New memory foam has a chemically kind of smell when you first get it, but it does go away after being aired out or used for a few days. 

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I really like the bamboo cover that covers the gel foam.  It is really nice and easy to take on and off to clean if necessary.  Once we got the topper on the bed I also realized that I needed to purchase sheets with deep pockets to fit this mattress.  That will vary depending on the mattress that you have, but just a little FYI in case you are buying new sheets with this topper.

Now that I have been sleeping on this topper for over 4 months now I can tell you it is wonderful!  I love the softness of the topper and it is balanced perfectly with our extra firm mattress underneath.  I feel like my body is supported all night long and I wake up well rested and happy.  I also really liked when I was pregnant how the topper supported my baby belly perfectly.  I did not feel like I needed extra pillows to support me since I had my topper on the bed.

I am extremely impressed and happy with this product and I highly recommend this topper for anyone that needs softness to balance out a firm mattress.

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Thank you to Linenspa for the review item!
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  1. That’s so interesting how it takes a day or two to fill with air. I would love to try one of these. Sounds comfy!

  2. How neat in how it ships and then fills up. We had a topper on our bed but it flattened so fast we ust threw it away and haven’t really taken the time to shop for another one. I’ll have to show it to the hubs one day.

    Chelle @

  3. What a great way to update a mattress. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a great toppers. I use it last 3 month. Very comfortable. I enjoy this toppers.

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