IsabelleGraceJewelry Review

It is the little things that make a difference. Over at IsabelleGrace Jewelry they take the time to pay attention to detail. I love this sweet necklace I was recently able to review.


To be honest I had a hard time deciding which piece to review of their large selection. However, when I saw this necklace “to the moon and back,” I knew this was exactly what I needed to get. My mom always tells our children that she loves them “to the moon and back.” I have searched for a few years now for something cute that had this saying on it and finally found it with IsabelleGrace.

The necklace shipped very quickly and I was impressed with the quality. It is 16,” which I felt was a perfect length so others can admire and read the saying on the necklace.

When I gave the necklace to my mom, tears immediately started rolling down her face. That to me says it all. It’s the little things that make a difference. Those little things which you simply can’t put into words. She now wears her necklace every single day, and it brings a smile to her face to know what that necklace represents.


IsabelleGrace has TONS of fabulous jewelry which makes excellent gifts for others or even for you! Yet another fun, unique product worth checking out for yourself!



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Special thanks to IsabelleGrace for the necklace to review. All opinions are !00% my own and completely honest!

Difrax Pacifiers Review

All of my babies have LOVED their pacifiers. What I do not love is the occasion “pacifier mark” which appears around their little mouth if they have been sucking on the pacifier too long or too hard.


But guess what! There is a solution to this problem! Difrax pacifiers are an innovative design of pacifiers based out of Europe.  Difrax pacifiers are uniquely designed and engineered to allow for more air circulation when used so babies do not get that dreaded sucking ring in the shape of the pacifier around their mouth.

Take a look as the design of the plastic of the Binky. Not only is the patter super cute, but the shape is almost like a butterfly, covering less of your baby’s face. Also, there are 2 air hole strategically placed on the bottom of the Binky to allow for that continuous air flow. There are 2 types of Difrax pacifiers, the classic and the orthodontic model. I reviewed the orthodontic model which I really liked because it helps stimulate mouth, tongue and palate growth. The nipple portion is round on the top (where it rests against the palate) and flat on the bottom (where it rests on the tongue).

benefits of the difrax soother

My baby is 4 months old and has always used one main brand of pacifier. When she tried the Difrax pacifier to my surprised she latched right on. The nipple on the pacifier is a soft, plyable sylacon. She loves her new pacifiers and I LOVE that there are no longer any binky lines on her little face, no matter

how long or hard she sucks on the Binky. One thing I wish the pacifier had was the semi-circle ring that you can easily hang on to or attach to a Binky holder. That would be the only thing I would change. However, Drifrax does offer pacifiers with the ring available for purchase online or at local retailers.

Overall a great new innovative product for preemies and newborns up to 18+ months of age. Try one out for your baby and see the amazing difference!

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Special thank you to Difrax for the products to be reviewed. All of my opinions are 100%  my own and completely honest.

NotJustAnyOldDay Jewelry Review


I have discovered one of the most unique and super cute pieces of jewelry that I am thrilled to share with you! Check out NotJustAnyOldDay personalized jewelry. From rings to bracelets to key chains and necklaces, they have a large variety of products to personalize with your special day!

I was able to review this key pendant necklack in rose gold. The piece I reviewed has a calendar on the top portion of the key which you can choose whichever month you want. Then you choose which day of the month you want to highlight and a colored swarovski crystal is placed on that day. My necklace highlights August 6th, which is our wedding anniversary!


The necklace hangs long, 30”. I absolutely LOVE it! I have received SO many complements on this necklace. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter as I explain why that day is special.

I would love to get one for the birthday of each of my kids and then give it to them when they get older. The necklace is durable yet still dainty and feminine. The jewel is firmly attached as well. Overall I am very impressed with this product. It would make a fantastic gift for a bride or new mom!

Remember– it’s  not just any old day…it’s YOUR special day!


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Special thanks to NotJustAnyOldDay for the necklace which was sent for review. All of the opinions expressed are honest and 100% my own!

Messy Marvin Placemats Review and Giveaway (ends 2/22)

Messy Marvin is the perfect solution for your little (or big) messy eater at the dinner table. These placemats are uniquely made specifically with a stain-resistant seal and in turn are ultra easy to clean. This is going to rock your mind but get this…Messy Marvin placemats DO NOT NEED TO BE WASHED! That’s right! The messes can easily be wiped off. They are a must for both a logical and fashionable accessory for your kitchen table!


I am in LOVE with these placemats! The first thing that caught my eye was the adorable chevron pattern of the placemats. However, once I read more about the  Messy Marvin product, I was so impressed I couldn’t wait to try it out myself! They are made from polyester coated with water and stain repellant. The back of the placemats has lead-free PVC , to make sure your furniture is protected as well.


How to clean your placemats: for simple things, just WIPE OFF!! Tougher stains such as jelly or spaghetti sauce can be removed by rinsing the placemat with warm water and soap. The Messy Marvin placemats CAN be washed, but do not dry as it can disrupt the covering. I did try washing my placemats and they cleaned PERFECTLY!! And they air dried incredibly quickly and did not become wrinkled or disfigured at all! Did I mention I LOVE these??

Messy Marvin has so many other great products as well. Check out their awesome bibs, chair covers, couch covers, even drop mats for under a high chair or table.


Check out all of Messy Marvin’s fabulous, fashionable products online . Also enter to win a set of 4 Messy Marvin Placemats of your own!!


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A special thank you to Messy Marvin for the placemats to review! All opinions are my own and 100% honest with no monetary compensation

DormCo Black-out Blinds Review

DormCo is a company specializing in décor and supplies for the college dorm. They have everything from closet organizers to bedspreads to caddys for the shower. Although I am not in the market for dorm room stuff, I did find quite a few great items that could be used in my home.


For example, the item I chose to review was DormCo’s black out blinds. These are only $6.99 retail price and I thought they would be fantastic to use in my kids rooms to block out the sun and promote more sleep…


When my black out blind arrived in the mail I was super excited to try it out! I opened the package and honestly was pretty disappointed. It came as a wrapped up piece of plastic. Nevertheless, I wanted to give it a fair shot. I went to go put it up in my son’s room and it did not even cover the whole window! Now, the dimensions are listed on the site, but I had just assumed that they would fit my standard size window.


So I put the black-out blind on his window during the night.  It stuck to the window by static. The next morning I do think that it did its job by blocking out the light, but I couldn’t get over how tacky it looked on his window since it didn’t fit.



Overall, I would not put my stamp of approval on this particular product, but DormCo does have some great OTHER items I hope to review in the future such as their soft blankets! Happy shopping!


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Special thanks to DormCo for the black out blind which were sent to us to be reviewed. All of the opinions shared are my own and are 100% honest!


UrbanHalo Headbands Review



Those of us who have kids understand that there are some days where just surviving the day is quite an accomplishment. Sometimes fashion just seems to be the last thing on our mind. Thanks to Urban Halo that does not have to be the case. Urban Halo has created a perfect accessory to spice up ANY outfit, even if its just sweats. But the BEST part is that these headbands do not slide, sweat, or cause headaches. This is a great find and must have accessory for busy moms, girls, or women on the run!


I had the opportunity to review this fabulous headband from Urban Halo. The custom material is very soft but slightly stretchy. I really like the variety of fabrics they offer. I tried the headband on a few different occasions. The headbands are made so that you can wear it thick or thin, with your hair up or down. I felt like the headband stays in place best with 1-day old hair, i.e. hair you probably don’t have time to fix and curl anyways. I also have worn my headband quite a bit while working out and it is fantastic. It keeps your hair back but it is not too tight so you won’t have a headache at the end of your work out.


Urban Halo is continuing to grow and expand their products. In fact, they are now making scarfs which are super trendy with great details and of course adorable fabrics.


Another great product which is super versatile and ultra user-friendly. These are hot right now so go check them out and get one for yourself!!


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Thank you to Urban Halo for the headband to review! All opinions are my own and 100% honest with no monetary compensation.

Thera Pearl Review and Giveaway (ends 2/21)

Mommies are the best at making boo-boos go away quickly! Thera Pearl has a special tool to aide us mommies in making any boo-boo go away and bring a smile to our little one’s eyes! Take a look at these adorable heat/ice packs I was able to review from Thera Pearl!


With 4 different animals to choose from, these are not your ordinary ice or heat pads. Not only are they super cute and sweet for kids, the quality is great. Thera Pearl is made with pearls which are designed to  maintain heat or cold for up to 20 minutes. What I love it that when used as ice packs, the Thera Pearl does not become hard or stiff.  Furthermore, they do not leak or drip as you use them.

Thera Pearl has TONS of different packs. From ankle wraps to knee wraps, back wraps, neck wraps, eye wraps, and face masks, there is a pack for pretty much any need you may have. So whether you are suffering from a twisted ankle or arthritis, these packs are worth the investment! Check them out to see for yourself, and make sure you enter to win!


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Special thanks to Thera Pearl for the Children’s Pal ice/heat packs which were sent to us to be reviewed without compensation. All of the opinions shared are my own and are 100% honest!

Stndrd Bags Review and Giveaway (ends 2/13)




Kids and their backpacks. It is a necessity for all school-aged kids. Another recurrent theme about school-aged kids is countless fundraisers….. BUT what if there was a way to combine the two, so you are providing your child with their much needed backpack AND giving back to your school?? Welcome to the wonderful world of Stndrd Bags!

Stndrd Bags was founded out of California when a dad of two school-aged kids realized this simple connection to backpacks and raising money for your child’s school. This company provides the most popular brands of backpacks, lunch bags, and water bottles AND GIVES UP TO 30% OF YOUR PURCHASE BACK TO THE SCHOOL OF YOUR CHOICE!! My thought are, “If I have to buy a backpack anyways, why not buy it here and have my school benefit too!?”


I know what you are thinking, “I bet their products are much higher priced to make up the difference they are giving back to the schools.” I thought these exact words but was pleasantly surprised that this is NOT the case! The bags are equal in cost to what you would spend at your local retail store! Plus, they have a fantastic variety of name-brand bags for girls and boys. Furthermore, they also have lunch bag and the ever popular Polar water bottles.

I was able to review a Volcom backpack and the polar bear water bottles. The bag is durable and user-friendly. And as for these water bottles, if you have never used a polar bear water bottle, you HAVE to get one! They are incredible. The bottle says the liquids stay cooler or hot for 2-3 hours longer than the average bottle and it is true! I used them on a busy soccer saturday and the water stayed cold the ENTIRE day! Very very cool.


Donations to your local school is so easy. Just go to their website,, and at checkout put in your child’s school. If it does not come up automatically, enter the name of the school and they will make sure your school has an opportunity to be involved in this great cause.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone purchased bags from stndrd bags so that we did not have to do ANY fundraising events for our schools? Check them out online, the story is great of how the company was developed and how much good stndrd bags is doing for schools across the nation.


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Special thanks to Stndrd Bags for the products which were sent to us to be reviewed. All of the opinions shared are my own and are 100% honest!