The Ultimate Diaper Bag {Thirty-One Review}

I have to start out this post with a confession…I am addicted to bags.  I really am–I love bags and I love getting new bags.  My addiction has paid off because I think I have found you all the ultimate diaper bag!   I have been a fan of the company since I first heard of them because they sell my favorite thing—bags!  They offer all different styles and sizes of bags, and I was lucky enough to work with them to review one of their hostess exclusive  items the Suite Success Tote in Big Dot.  (A hostess exclusive item is an item that only a hostess of a Thirty-One party can purchase.  This item is not available to for regular purchase.)   


This tote caught my eye on the website with the three separate compartments and extra pockets for organizing, but I really had no idea how much I would love this bag until I took it with me a few times to church and running errands around town.  I can hold EVERYTHING I need in this one bag with room to spare!  My Suite Success Tote was packed to the brim today and I dumped everything out and took a picture to show you how much you can put inside this bag.  I am even missing an outfit (the baby’s change of clothes got used today, and our snacks got eaten before the picture so add that stuff in your mind too.)   

thirty-one suite success tote

There are elastic holders on one of the sides for two water bottles or baby bottles, plus lots of pockets to organize everything.  I really like that there is a thermal lined pocket on the inside of the tote for a sandwich or some cheese sticks.  It is big enough to hold lunch for one or snacks for 4.  It really makes this bag an all-in-one option so you do not need to take a lunch bag or cooler unless you need more than a snack or single lunch.  The middle compartment has a zipper closure that I keep my personal items in like my wallet.  I like that I can zip it up and know it is secure but then the compartments on either side are open for easy access to wipes, or toys that I may need to grab quickly. 

thirty-one coin purses

I also like that the back of the bag zips fully open to fit over luggage when you travel.  It keeps your bag securely positioned on your luggage which can be a lifesaver when traveling.  This is not only cleaver, but so useful!  Love it!    

I was also sent the adorable icon coin purses to review, and they are so fun!  All of my three kids got one to put on their backpacks for lunch money or chapstick.  They love that they have a special place for their important items and it really helps them to keep track of their lunch money better.  I like that you can mix and match the coin purses with the whimsical characters and bright colors.  They look great on a black bag as a pop of color or on a child’s backpack.  They are also the perfect size for a pacifier holder on your diaper bag!  

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Buy: You can check out all of the great products Thirty-One offers on their website, and to help you locally.  But remember the only way to get the Suite Success Tote is to be a hostess so definitely contact Thirty-One and set up your home show today!

Thank you to Thirty-One for sending the Tote and coin purses to review! All opinions are my own and 100% honest!


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  1. That is super cute! I love how roomy it is too. You definitely need something sturdy and large when it comes to toting around baby stuff.

  2. That is such a cute bag and I love how much you can fit in it!! This would be my first choice if we had a baby for sure!!

  3. What fantastic styles they have. I love the pattern you chose.

  4. Wow, that can hold a ton, I’m impressed. As a Twin Mom I needed a bigger bag, this is great. Also, I love the pattern!

  5. Where were these great diaper bags when my girls were little! I want a do-over. I only had the choice of cutesy cartoon characters or overly frilly. Love this!

  6. I have mad, mad love for thirty-one bags.

    and now I have a hankering for another

  7. I love that this diaper bag doesn’t actually look like a diaper bag! It looks more like a tote bag!

  8. That is a cute bag- I love 31 anything. I’d never seen those coin purses before, I must get one!

  9. Those are so great! I love bags as well. You can never have too many. I love the size as well. I also love that it looks like a cute bag and not a diaper bag! Great review!

  10. I like how this bag can really last a long time, I bet after it’s done its duty as a diaper bag you could just use it as a tote. I like the bold print and how chic it is.

  11. I love the Thirty-One products and the diaper bag looks AWESOME.. perfect size for everything a Mom needs on the go and looks stylish, too…thanks for sharing, will make a great Baby shower gift idea, too

  12. What a cute diaper bag, and it holds so much, too!! I’m impressed!

  13. I wish they made diaper bags like this when I had my kids. It’s so cute but it still holds so much stuff!

  14. That is such a cute bag!

  15. I have a ThirtyOne Bag that I love but this one would work even better with the zippered compartments!

  16. I, like you, love bags and have been a Thirty One fan for awhile. While this bag looks awesome as a diaper bag, especially for my twins, I’m not sure I could give up my Ju Ju Be bag. Tempting though!

  17. Those bags are too cute, I think my kiddos would like them too!

  18. It’s great that you put it over your arm because it really shows that way just how roomy it is!

  19. Wow, you were able to cram a TON in there! I need a big ol’ bag like that!

  20. I had no idea that Thirty One even made diaper bags are really nice!

  21. Those are SOOOO cute and wow, you can definitely hold a lot in there. It is a pretty big tote. 😀

  22. I love 31 bags too! This one is adorable! It’s great to have one with so much room. Seems you can never have enough space.

  23. That is such a cute and roomy bag I know a soon-to-be first time mom who would love this diaper bag.

  24. That is a ton of stuff you’ve managed to pack in your bag! I bet it’s great for a weekender bag, too.

  25. So cute! I love that it is large and roomy. What a great way to haul everything you need

  26. I have so many 31 bags. I use them for diaper bags too, and love everything about them

  27. I love those bags. And that one really held a lot

  28. I always have a lot of stuff in my bag, too! Once my hair dresser said it was big enough to be luggage! Love that it has lots of compartments for everything so you don’t have to dig through it.


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