“Beatrice Munson” By Lorena Bathey Book Review

Don’t judge a book by its cover. When it comes to Lorena Bathey’s book Beatrice Munson that statement is especially true. While the image on the cover makes sense after reading the book, it doesn’t do the story justice. It certainly wouldn’t draw your attention on the shelf.


Beatrice Munson is the story of women living in the community of Vista Heights, where as the author has said, “The women of the neighborhood have started to look like their homes, varying shades of beige.” All that changes when Beatrice moves into the cul de sac and inspires them to rediscover themselves. Along the way they revive their interests and learn to rely on each other while also discovering their inner strength.

The vibrant writing completely drew me in. That being said, there were times the writing did get a little descriptive for the sake of being descriptive but Lorena did hit her stride pretty quickly.  I am by no stretch of the imagination a bookworm but I could not stop reading this book! It was a quick, easy ready (just over 300 pages).  Certainly I will spend more time thinking about it than I did reading it.

The message of living life and embracing yourself really resounded with me.  There was a wonderful balance of humor while also communicating the serious of certain situations.  Along with the humor were several poignant lines that cause reflection. One of my favorites is when the one of the housewives in the community who is perceived as “the perfect one” by the other ladies had an epiphany and declared, “I have substituted my entire life for things.. I have everything I thought was important and nothing that really is.”

While the characters and many of the themes are adult, the situations are written in ways that communicate the messages without being graphic or vulgar. Every woman (whether happily married, unhappily married, divorced, or single) can find herself in this book. It is a bit idealistic and unrealistic at times but that doesn’t take away from the message at all.

Throughout childhood we are encouraged to be ourselves, develop our interests, and not just try to be like everyone else. Then life moves on and it can be very easy to lose track of yourself. It is so easy for life to become “beige” and for us to become adrift in the sea of suburbia. As women, our lives become about our families and somehow we fall out of the equation and end up on the back burner.  Beatrice Munson is the embodiment of that friend who takes you as you are but inspires you to be your best self while overcoming your insecurities and reignites the passions and interests that you have lost the way.

Every woman needs a Beatrice Munson in her life.

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  1. Laura,

    What a beautifully written review. I so appreciate that you saw the deeper meanings in Beatrice and that she spoke to you. Your honest review is what this author values most.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my book.


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