The Tale of Lucia Grandi Book Tour & Review

The tale of Lucia Grandi is an emotional journey.  Lucia grows up in a home that makes you question why on Earth some people are gifted with children?  Your heart strings are pulled as the story tells of a young woman being played against her siblings, always feeling unloved.  A tragic childhood this little lady certainly had. One thing after another seems to happen in Lucia’s life.  The only constant she seems to have is the love of her Grandpa.

One things is for sure as this tale moves on. Lucia is a survivor!  The heartbreaking stories of her life just made her tougher, stronger and able to bare the next bad thing that came her way.    This book is one of fiction yet you can imagine it applying to many. It definitely reads very real. You feel like this is the life this young woman held and you feel her pain each step of the way.  Susn Speranza did a wonderful job drawing you into this young woman’s story.

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