Garlic Gold Olive Oil and Vinaigrette Sauce Review and Giveaway [Ends 6/5]

garlic olive oil

You know, I could never date a vampire, because I absolutely love garlic. I have also gotten into the habit of using more olive oil in my diet, so I just couldn’t wait to try out this amazing blend of olive oil and garlic from Garlic Gold.

And better yet, I just love their starting out story! It began with the future creator of Garlic Gold, Rinaldo Brutoco, helping his son with a science project. His son and his son’s friends took a recipe for a garlic based condiment and turned into a new business venture. From first reviews of “it’s crunchy!” to eight years later and still going strong, it’s now a grocery store and kitchen cabinet staple. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly seeing this in olive oil aisles, so I was so excited to share my experience with you.

garlic olive oil

I usually have olive oil in a few different ways – on top of spaghetti (tastes even better when you top spaghetti with sauce and add a little olive oil!) or white rice or potatoes. I don’t eat bread anymore, which is probably the usual way to taste it, so I usually add olive oil to some other dishes, because so good for you. What I enjoy the most about is that while you can taste the garlic it isn’t too overwhelming. It simply enhances the flavoring and adds a little something special.

Better yet, I also had to try the ! This was so good with salads, which is awesome because it takes a lot for me to get away from the usual cream dressings. Of the two, I enjoyed this the most, I love the tartness of the vinaigrette alongside the garlic flavoring.

Overall, I will definitely be buying this brand again. This is so good and the adding this garlic flavoring is such an excellent way to enhance your foods. Better yet, if you are in need of some inspiration, I highly recommend you visit . Some of them look SO good and worthy of trying.

And best of all, I get to giveaway the Garlic Gold Balsamic Vinaigrette to one of my lucky readers! Giveaway ends on June 5th.

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I received this complimentary item in exchange for my honest review. 

Newman’s Own Organics – Review and Giveaway [Ends 4/22]

newman's own organics

Newman’s Own is one of those household names that needs no introduction. But Newman’s Own Organics is fairly new. It launched as a division of Newman’s Own in late 2001. I was so surprised to read also that Newman’s Own Organics donated more than $350 million dollars to educational and charitable organizations around the world. This makes me want to buy these products that much more!

newman's own organics

I got a truck load of snacks to share with friends and family! I will admit that the chocolate that you see in this photo was the first to be consumed. Actually, there may or may not have been a chocolate binge for a couple of nights. I had never had their chocolate cups before and this was gone within an hour or so in my family. My personal favorite was the caramel cups and the peanut butter cups. The chocolate bars were consumed over the week (yes we love chocolate in my family) and they were divine. A popular favorite was the espresso bar (and of course, milk chocolate).

The popcorn was so tasty too! In all honesty it had been a long time since I had eaten popcorn so it was such a yummy experience having that smell in my apartment. I received three kinds – butter, light butter, and no salt. Of the three, I thought that butter and light butter tasted similar and I loved those especially. They make for a great snack and you don’t get that butter loaded up on your fingers because there is too much in the bag type of experience either.

I also received some dried fruit, olive oil and vinegar and these make for great staples in the kitchen cabinet. A lot of the dried fruit ended up being mixed in with some nuts I take with my lunch every day and they really made a great snack. Also, some of the dried cranberries were awesome with morning cereal.

Overall, I think Newman’s Own Organics is a product to look out for when you are in the grocery store next. A lot of these items are staples in my house so I love knowing there is a brand I go to for good quality food.

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Newman’s Own Organics provided me with the products to review in exchange for my honest opinion.