Instantly Fix Your Christmas Lights {giveaway ends 12/18 US}

You just get done decorating your Christmas tree and suddenly all the lights go out.  What do you do?  I know in the past I have just trashed all of the lights because it was too hard to figure out which strand or burnt was burnt out.  Not any more!  I was given the opportunity to review the LightKeeper Pro and share my experience with you. 

how to fix your christmas lights

First, I have to say I wish that I had this amazing tool last year.  We were given a prelit tree (so grateful) that had two of the three sections of lights burnt out, hence why my friend was giving the tree away.  I ended up taking all of the over 1200 lights off the tree and re-stringing it with new lights, but I am sure that if I had this little contraption I could have saved most of those lights and my sore fingers!

Oh well, no need to dwell on the past…the up-side of the story is that this year I had zero light strands that burned out.  Yeah for me, bad for reviewing the LightKeeper Pro.  Thankfully, another friend had her tree lights mysteriously stop working and I was able to get her to review this product for me.  Thanks Mandi and Nikole!!

The pictures below show how you plug the LightKeeper Pro into the strand of lights and then pump the handle to fix the strand.  If that does not fix the strand immediately you run the gun along the strand and it will beep when it detects a bad connection or burnt out bulb.  Mandi’s tree ended up having one strand of lights that was too broken to fit, but because of the LightKeeper Pro they were able to pinpoint that strand and replace it instead of taking all of the lights off and redoing the whole tree.

Fixing the lights on the christmas tree
How the LightKeeper Pro Works

Fixes most light sets in seconds using the Quick Fix Trigger
Most miniature Holiday Light set failures occur when an individual bulb “shunt” fails to energize. These shunts are energized when a filament burns out. This causes a section of lights, usually 35 or 50, to go out instead of just one light bulb. This is because miniature light sets are wired in “series” and electricity must flow through each bulb, to the next, for them to light.The LightKeeper Pro Quick Fix Trigger sends a shaped, electrical pulse through the defective bulb, clearing the shunt. This allows it to operate properly. The current can then flow through the light set completing the circuit and illuminating the other bulbs.  The Patented LightKeeper Pro is the first product to FIX defects in a light set with the squeeze of a trigger.
Keep lights going and glowing despite a burned out bulb
Each wall plug has a “Hot”, “Neutral” and “Ground” contact. Electricity is powered from the “Hot” contact and flows through the lights. It is similar to water flowing in a pipe. The LightKeeper Pro Continuity Detector/Voltage Detector uses an IC (Integrated Circuit) chip to find where the flow of electricity stops. It does this by detecting the minute electrical field emanating from the “Hot” wire even when a defect has caused the lights to go out. This electrical field when detected by the LightKeeper Pro, starts the beeping sound and continues as you scan the light string. When the electrical field stops emanating at the defect, the beeping stops. This shows where the problem is in miniature, series light strings. The detector finds the problem spot but the bulb or socket needs to be checked and appropriate repair action taken. The repair action may be securing a loose bulb, or testing a bulb to identify if it needs to be replaced.

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Thank you to LightKeeper Pro for providing a sample product to review and for sponsoring this giveaway!
All opinions are my own and 100% honest!
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  1. Because it is so overwhelming looking for a burnt out bulb. This would be amazing.

  2. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I need one because the new lights we just bought have a few broken ones already.

  3. Ann Barham says:

    This would be wonderful to make sure the tree stays lit and pretty all Christmas long.

  4. Most of my light strings have burnt out portions, this would help me find the bad bulb.

  5. For my Christmas lights.

  6. Ashley Fryer says:

    I just changed every bulb on my tree this year and it was so much work. I needed this then.

  7. Ashley Sifers says:

    I need it because only half of our prelit tree is working lol

  8. It would make those burned out bulbs not a big bummer.

  9. I have a strand that is out now and I just dread having to go through everybulb to find the one. This tool would save so much time and help keep my blood pressure down.

  10. Jamie Geer says:

    I have two new sets of net lights that half the net went out as I was putting them up and the store is sold out so I can’t exchange them. It would be great to fix them and have all the lights working.

  11. I need this to make sure all of my Christmas tree lights stay on.

  12. Because the middle of my tree is now unlit!!!

  13. I need a LightKeeper Pro because it gets expensive to replace light sets every yer because it’s too hard trying to find the bulb(s) causing the outage.

  14. Diana Hatch says:

    I could use this because there is nothing as frustrating as looking for a burned out light!

  15. I actually have 3 current strands of lights with a burnt out or two.

  16. This seems useful! If everyone used this instead of throwing out lights that don’t work (but could be easily fixed), this would save money AND reduce the amount of Christmas lights in the landfill.

  17. I would love to be able to use this on our outside tree, so frustrating to find that burned out light.

  18. I have so many strands of lights that are burnt out, this would be great.

  19. I would love to have a LightKeeper to save myself (or the designated person for torture) the agony of having to go light by light to see which one is making it where the whole strand is not lighting up. This would save a lot of time and aggravation.

  20. I just changed every bulb on my tree this year and it was so much work. I needed this then.

  21. Krystal Dunlap says:

    I need this because. I have a prelit tree that has the whole middle out.

  22. Katie Bellamy says:

    Aww I wish I had this a few weeks ago when I had to throw out a couple strands of lights that wouldn’t work!

  23. Stephanie B O'Day says:

    I need this right now! I have several strings of lights that are not working or flickering. This would be perfect to get my strands fixed so I can use them and not have to buy anymore!

  24. I hang up a lot of lights outside so this would make it fast and easy to check the lights. Thank you for the chance :)

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