AM Conservation Group Review and Giveaway (Ends 6/5)

As a family we are always looking for ways to make simple changes that will have an impact on the environment.  recently united with  and they are dedicated to being a leading resource for water and energy conservation products that are designed to maximize efficiency and performance at competitive prices. They offer everything from high efficiency, energy saving devices to light bulbs and weather-stripping. Recently I had the opportunity to review one of their newest shower heads.


The uses only 2 gallons of water per minute, which is 20% less water than standard showerheads. When I first learned this statistic I had two reactions: first I was impressed with the amount of water that this showerhead saves. Second, I assumed that the Vara Spa 5 Function Combo Shower head would be less effective because it was using much less water. Thankfully I was very wrong!

This wonderful showerhead has several different settings and it is easy to switch from one to the next. You can have water coming from either or both showerheads and you can also chance to different setting on each showerhead. I love using the handheld showerhead when I am bathing my kiddos. I also love that I can use both showerheads at once and because it uses less water, the hot water lasts longer!

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The soft rubber nozzles allow for easy cleaning and I appreciate how long the hose on the handheld showerhead is! It has a chrome finish but is made of plastic. My husband appreciated that the washer included for instillation was metal unlike most showerheads in this price range. We recently purchased another one for a different bathroom and the plastic washer that came with it broke when we were installing it. The metal washer that comes with the Vera Spa 5 Function Combo Showerhead made instillation a breeze!

This fabulous showerhead is only one of many amazingly efficient and functional products that the AM Conservation Group has to offer.


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Special thanks to AM Conservation Group for the product to review and for sponsoring this giveaway.

All my opinions are my own and are 100% honest!

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  1. Marti Tabora says:

    I collect rainwater, you would be surprised how many things you can use it for. I also recycle.

  2. Kelly D says:

    We have our showers set on low flow and we recycle.

  3. Liza Vladyka says:

    shut off water while washing hair and water plants with water i boil vegs in

  4. TallulahJane says:

    We reuse our towels several times to cut back on water to wash plus we have low flow toilet.

  5. Melissa Hartley says:

    I try to turn off the bathroom sink water when brushing my teeth..thanks.

  6. I save energy by not running the air conditioner in the summer except when it gets really bad (like in the 90s for a few days in a row).

  7. I only do laundry with full loads, and turn off the water when im brushing my teeth. I also try to conserve energy around the house by keeping things off that are not in use.

  8. Holly E says:

    I compost, garden, and recycle daily.

  9. Kimberly Schotz says:

    We line dry our clothes and take very short showers

  10. Birdiebee says:

    I shut the water off when I brush my teeth and only run a full load of laundry or dishes (never 1/2 load).



  12. cynthia sanders says:


  13. Patricia says:

    We like to recycle where we can.

  14. We try to not water the lawn. We like to go to the city splash park so that we aren’t wasting all the water in our yard.

  15. Reduce ,Reuse, Recycle, Donate , Dumpster dive when your neighbor moves, Compost, Plant a tree. Refinish old furniture, resale clothes at consignment stores, drive less, take a reusable shopping bag and reusable water bottle every where you go. We have to be frugal with water because we have a well and septic field.

  16. Cindy McElwee says:

    Way of living ~ I hang heavy items I wash outside to dry. I compost & recycle.
    We catch rain water for watering out door plants & washing cars & bicycles etc. Set hot water tanks lower. So many more things.

  17. Diana Thompson says:

    I put all my grass and leaves in a compost bin and use the compost on my flower beds.

  18. I repurpose a lot of disposable plastic items. I also make sure my family turns off the lights, TV, etc. when not in use.

  19. christine jessamine says:

    I walk alot and recycle

  20. Crystal Rose says:

    I recycle and compost.

  21. Nadene Adams says:

    I cloth diaper! That is keeping a lot of waste out of our landfills. I also turn off lights and use sunlight to light the house whenever possible.

  22. latanya says:

    We recycle and take short showers.

  23. I save rain water and make compost.

  24. I try to conserve energy with my light use! I try not to waste water and leave it running when not necessary. I try to use everything and not throw it away.

  25. We rarely use our air conditioner,I try to hang clothes out to dry and we recycle and reuse.

  26. Dawn Monroe says:

    I try to hang clothes out to dry when I can to save energy.

  27. Recycle, pick garbage from ditches, etc.

  28. we recycle and do the best we can to reduce our energy and resource consumption

  29. Tammy Schweitzer says:

    I take a shower with my fiancee too conserve water plus wash big loads no small ones along fully loading the dishwasher always

  30. Stacy D. says:

    I make my own soaps, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, I recycle, and cloth diaper!

  31. Kortney Picker says:

    We recycle and we try to use green products like Norwex. We also use energy efficient lights and appliances (hot water heater/furnace/AC).

  32. amanda whiltey says:

    i recycle and frequent the swap shop and upcycle rather than buying new.

  33. D Charte says:

    We shut the water off when brushing teeth and we recycle

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