Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening Review and Giveaway (Ends 7/25)

Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening Review & Giveaway


Laura Says:  Many people say that the first physical feature they notice about someone is their smile. Who doesn’t want a whiter and brighter smile? I know I do! Over the years I have tried several different teeth whitening strips, trays, molds and even more things I am sure my dentist wouldn’t be happy hearing about in my attempts to have a bright and beautiful smile. The strips would slip, the gel tubes would leak and I would get frustrated. Two things that every method I have tried had in common were that they were messy and expensive! With my best friends wedding quickly approaching I was looking for a way to successfully whiten my teeth without making a mess or spending too much money.

I am very happy to tell you that I found the perfect solution and that solution is . I have heard a lot of hype about LED teeth whitening so I had high expectations and Smile Brilliant absolutely exceeded them! In their you will receive a high intensity Ultra-Blue LED activating light, protective top & bottom trays, 4ml professional whitening gel pen and an extra little brush just in case you need to even out the gel. They recommend treatments daily for as little as 20 minutes. It really is as easy as 1,2,3,4..

  1. Brush your teeth. You want to have everything cleaned off so that the gel can get directly in contact with your teeth. It also helps the whitening be more even over the entire surface of the tooth.
  2.  Brush the gel on your teeth. This is one of my favorite parts. You just need to twist the end of the whitening pen until the gel comes out and onto the brush. Don’t get upset if it takes a few twists especially the first time the gel is very thick which keeps it on your teeth. I absolutely love that this is mess free! My hands don’t get the gel on them like they have with some others I have tried.
  3. Put on the mouth guard. The gel has a hydrogen peroxide base so you want to use the trays to keep it from contacting and irritating the other surfaces in your mouth.
  4. Put the LED light into your mouth and turn it on. This is as easy as it sounds. You simply put it in your mouth against your teeth and wrap your lips around it to keep it in place. If you use the light they recommend 20-45 minutes. If you decide not to use the light you will still have the same level of whiteness, it will just take a longer session. They recommend 30-2 hours without the light. I have to say, I loved the light! It made such a difference and really did accelerate the process.

The first time I used it I was shocked that I actually forgot the light was in my mouth; it is so lightweight. I actually noticed a difference after the first whitening, which has never happened to me before. With all the other products that I have used I’ve experienced major tooth sensitivity. That was my biggest concern with Smile Brilliant. I purposefully have skipped every other day to proactively avoid sensitivity and haven’t had any issues. I’m 3 weeks in now (a week and a half if I had used it daily) and I am beyond impressed with the results! I am excited to continue for the full treatment and see my teeth continue to lighten and brighten. Honestly I am shocked and embarrassed at my before compared to my after but I had to share so that you can see the results are real!


These trays worked every bit as well as the custom trays I had made at my dentists office a few years ago and Smile Brilliant prides itself on using the same professional grade products as they do in the dentist’s office but at less than ¼ the cost and with a lot less mess. I cannot say enough about Smile Brilliant!

Samantha Says:  As Laura has outlined above, this system is easy to use and it really works!  I have used many different whitening systems and yes most of them give you whiter teeth, but they also take a long time to work.  This kit and the LED light speed up the whitening process so you see results much faster than other systems.  Like Laura I also saw a difference in my teeth the first time I used the system.  I like that the gel is easy to apply and mess proof.  I was worried that the LED light would be hard to hold in my mouth while I had the trays in, but it was very light and easy to hold in place.  This product definitely gets two thumb up from me!

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Special thanks to Smile Brilliant for the review products and for hosting this fabulous giveaway!

All opinions are my own and are 100% honest!

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  2. I notice their eyes first.

  3. SMILE! … or lack thereof …

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    I typically notice hair first.

  5. Smile! So it’s important to have a nice one.

  6. Amy Honious says:

    usually the eyes then the mouth. those both seem to the most expressive! thanks for such a nice giveaway!

  7. Their eyes

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    Their eyes and then their smile :)

  9. Great results!

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    You can’t hope but notice a bright beautiful smile

  11. I notice their eyes first!

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    I always noticed there smile.

  13. I notice the eyes first, unless the person has some other outstanding feature, like a beautiful smile!

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    I notice their eyes.

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    Hair and eyes.

  17. I notice whether or not they are smiling.

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    I notice their smile and eyes.

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    I always notice their smile!

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    I think I notice a person’s hair first

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    I notice hair first

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    Their teeth!

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    I notice hair first.

  24. Christine p says:

    Eyes. Even tho they are getting wrinkly

  25. Smiles!

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    Because I’m tall, I typically notice a person’s height first, but their eyes are a close second!

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    Usually there hair and how neat it is. Thanks for the chance to win….. :)

  29. Smile!

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    Most def the mouth! You can tell alot about a person by the way they use it :P

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    I always notice someone’s eyes first.

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    I notice their mouth, how big they smile and how much teeth show.

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    Unfortunately I have to say that I notice their teeth first

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    Their smile :-)

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    eyes : )

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    I notice a smile first

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    I always notice the eyes first, then the smile.

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

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    Smile. :-D

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    I notice the eyes and smile. Ive heard great things about this product.

  42. I notice a person’s eyes first :)

  43. I notice the teeth & eyes

  44. Smile!!!

  45. Holly Mitkowski says:

    smile and eyes!

  46. Rosemarie Mendivil says:

    Teeth :)

  47. Honestly their hands and fingernails. I think it has to do with being a cashier for 8yrs – you see people’s hands all the time.

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    I see their complexion first

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    I think I notice eyes/smile equally first. :)

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    I notice their teeth first.

  51. Hair

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    I think it is a combination of eyes and smile that I notice about a person first.

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    I notice their hair (:

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    I notice a friendly smile right away!

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    their hair

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    I notice eyes first:)

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    i usually notice a person’s smile first.

  58. Jessica Dobbs says:

    Their mouth; if somebody is smiling it changes EVERYTHING about them

  59. I always notice the shape of the eyes.

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    Definitely the eyes

  61. eyes

  62. hair and smile

  63. hair and smile

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    i notice a person’s smile first!

  65. Smile :)

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    The first thing I notice about someone is their smile! :)

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    smile, definitely!

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    their eyes

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    I notice a smile and then the teeth!

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    I notice a person’s smile first!

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    The smile.

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    Smile ! :)

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    i always notice a persons smile


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