The Pink Monogram Review and Giveaway (Ending 8/18)

Who doesn’t love having something personalized? I am a huge fan of personalized and monogramed gifts. When you receive a gift that is personalized you instantly know that there was thought put into it. I also love the way that having your children’s things personalized makes it so easy for them to keep track of their things. Knowing that the school year is right around the corner and that my son will be starting school for the first time I knew that I wanted to get him something. I was looking online for companies that offer personalized products and I was blown away when I found . How cute is that name by the way?

The Pink Monogram was founded by Monica Smith who taught First Grade for over 20 years.  Monica always had a drive to start her own business. She resigned over nine years ago and started her own monogramming/internet site and hasn’t looked back.

In 2008 The Pink Monogram made the “O” list and had the fabulous honor of making Oprah’s favorite in 2010 when their High Heel Monogrammed Clogs appeared in the July 2010 Magazine. Monica is passionate about The Pink Monogram and her excitement and energy is contagious. If you check out her site you can see how much time and energy has gone into finding amazing products that can be personalized. The Pink Monogram carries everything from jewelry to bedding and everything in-between. Here are some of my favorites:

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I found the perfect backpack for my son in her back to school collection. We decided to go with the Monogrammed Black Sporty Diamond Backpack. Monica was kind enough to send us the backpack in small and full sizes along with the matching pencil case.

photo 3 copy

We love them all! The is perfect for outings and appointments. It is the right size for his water, snacks, and a few toys to fit comfortably. It is too small though to comfortably fit a full size folder or notebook. We take this small backpack almost everywhere and my son loves being able to carry his own things (and so do I).

The is PERFECT for school! I love that it is a backpack he can use for years to come. It also has a padded tablet compartment along with three other compartments with multiple pockets and storage. It also has a reinforced design and adjustable, padded, shoulder straps.

The is exactly what we had been looking for! It’s not too big or too small. I was really impressed with what could comfortably fit in it. It would also work great for a travel makeup or toiletries bag.

Not only does The Pink Monogram carry an expansive selection of products, they also have 21 thread colors and 11 font and monogram styles to choose from. The colors and patterns are very true to how they appear on line. I am so glad that I know about The Pink Monogram! It is a perfect site to find wonderful things for back to school and I will definitely be checking back for holiday gifts!


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  1. I always liked Math

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    The backpacks are really cute.

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    My favorite class and extracurricular school activities was always in music.

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    English! Working on my first novel now :)

  5. i like Math best- that comes easy to me..
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    my favorite class was history.

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    I love reading.

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    Math was my favorite.

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    Science was always my favorite

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    I liked reading and spelling the best

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    I always liked history and hated math.

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  13. English is my favorite

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    For sure French!

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    I liked science

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  17. How fun! My favorite school subject is English!

  18. I liked english.

  19. I loved my Creative Writing Class

  20. I like math

  21. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    History it was like one big story!

  22. Rachel G says:

    I enjoyed chemistry.

  23. Terra Heck says:

    My favorite was sociology. Thanks.

  24. Jennifer Aldridge says:

    I love math. I’m a problem solver at heart. I still find myself searching out math related puzzles online every once in awhile.

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    my favorite subject was Spanish, and a good thing too because my husband is from Guatemala lol.

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    Math was always my favorite.

  27. My favorite was lunch! LOL. But seriously, it was chemistry.

  28. science

  29. English!

  30. I love math

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    My favorite was history class.

  32. English was always my favorite:)

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  34. Pamela Halligan says:

    Gym was my favorite.

  35. Cynthia R says:

    I love English.

  36. Science and English were my favorites.

  37. Natalie yeoman says:

    I always liked math it was easy for me

  38. English. I, like Dorothy Zbornak, enjoy diagramming sentences.

  39. Elena Ellerbe says:

    My favorite school subject is history.

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    History is my favorite school subject.

  41. reading was always my fave

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    history is my favorite

  43. I have always liked math.

  44. Science and English were always my favorites

  45. Kim Barnes says:

    Reading was my favorite

  46. Language Arts!

  47. Hailie Jordan says:

    Chemistry and Physics <3

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    Biology was my fav in school

  49. Math

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    I love English!

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    I love math!

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    Social Studies was always my favorite (if you can’t count recess!)

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    Math is my favorite school subject!

  54. History (:

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    English and biology.

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    My favorite school subject is English.

  57. English and History

  58. My favorite subject was math

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    math was always my favorite :)

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  61. My faves are Psychology and Sociology.

  62. Sarah Ashmore says:

    Science was my favorite

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    Loved english

  64. Linda Petteys says:

    Spelling and english were always my favorites!

  65. I have always love English and History!

  66. English was my favorite.

  67. History!

  68. Diana Hatch says:

    I liked English

  69. English.

  70. Science.

  71. Georgia Beckman says:

    My favorite was & is math. The harder the problem & the more pages it takes to complete it, the better I like it!

  72. awesome stuff!

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  74. English lit is my favorite.

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