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I have to admit… I am a knife snob.

If it’s not forged steel with a foreign name on it I don’t want it in my knife drawer… until now!

We received the set of 6 non-stick knives ($125 value) to test and my husband rolled his eyes while laughing stating that these would not pass OUR kitchen test.

WOW were we WRONG! After testing several of these brightly colored knives we soon fell in love for several reasons:

  1. The bread knife {yellow} is our favorite addition to the “sacred knife drawer” – the blade isn’t flimsy like other bread knives and we can cut through our morning bagels or night time Italian loaves with ease.
  2. The colors — I can’t tell you how many times I dig through the drawer looking for THAT knife because they all look the same. Now in our kitchen it’s “who has the blue knife?”
  3. So far the edge has held very well and is still sharp as the day we got them {be careful – they are sharp!}
  4. LOVE the soft-grip handles which are ergonomic
  5. Each comes with it’s own safety sheath – this is great for when we want to take them on the road
  6. You will love that with the discount code below, these are a fraction of the cost of other knives

Below is a list of the knives we tested:

  1. Nonstick Utility Knife, 5” blade
  2. Nonstick Sandwich Knife, 5” blade
  3. Nonstick Bread Knife, 7” blade {winner winner bread with your dinner!}
  4. Nonstick Chef Knife, 5” blade
  5. Nonstick Santoku Knife, 5” blade
  6. Nonstick Paring Knife, 4” blade

If you are looking for a great set of knives that will fit your budget, consider these Good Cook knives and if you buy now, you will receive a discount of 30% off your entire order at Good Cook.

  • Simply enter promo code: NONSTICK
  • Offer is valid through April 15, 2013

Safety note: Although every knife in this collection comes with its own fitted safety sheath, these products are not kids-in-the-kitchen friendly because they are very sharp. Please keep out of reach of children.

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Review by Billie.  Product was provided for this review – all opinions are our own.

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  1. Knives are the tools which I make my living with.I can really understand your point,(no pun intended)

  2. We would absolutely love to win this set of knives….I love that they are easy to find what you are looking for due To the great colors…and I could really use a great set of knives so I can toss out the ones I have that will not keep an edge. Thank you for the chance to win! I think the bread knife would be my fav as well as I make a lot of homemade bread and hate when a knife smashes it. Thanks!

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