CuddleUppets Will Win Your Heart ~ Review

Have a child who needs an extra snuggle at the end of the day? Or just loves his/her furry friends? Maybe your kid is gearing up for their very first sleepover at Grandma’s?
Whatever the situation… if you need a blanket, you need a CuddleUppet! 
A what!? It’s a blanket – it’s a puppet – it’s a … CUDDLE-UPPET!! (I just love saying that!). 

Blankets that are puppets, CuddleUppets are going to be the hottest trend this year (Christmas presents!!). Letting kids “play all day and sleep the night away.”

We received the Green Crocodile CuddleUppet to love in our house. At first, my son was a bit intimidated by the Croc puppet attached to the blanket. But I just kept playing and singing with the puppet and soon won him over. Now he asks for us to “scare me!” with the crocodile (shaking my head!) and thinks it’s funny to pretend to be scared! And he always wants it in the crib with him! (I can’t convince him though that it is not an alligator! LOL!). 

CuddleUppets are so much fun, and more so because you can pick from six styles: Pink Poodle, Brown Bear, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Green Crocodile and Blue Elephant. 

They are a good size for a toddler, but too small to be more than a cuddle blanket for a child much over 4, I think. I see CuddleUppets being great comfort/play items for car rides (use the animal head as a pillow!), sleepovers, kids who might be afraid of the dark, etc. Also, great fun for imaginative play because kids can create whole scenes and plays with the puppet part! 

BUY IT: Go online to to get your own furry friend blanket/puppets for your kids! Retail is $19.99 but with bulk purchase discounts (I’ll say it again – CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!).  Also, follow the CuddleUppet brand on  and . 

Thanks to CuddleUppets for sending a product for review! All opinions are 100% my own!

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