Nutella Protein Ball Recipe

Have you ever had a moment of genius that you just had to share with the world? Well that is how I feel today about these Nutella Protein Balls. They are packed with so much goodness because of the awesome Blendfresh powders I love so much and they taste super yummy! Totally kid approved and […]

Tri Berry Soft Serve

Happy Valentine’s Day from Blendfresh! If you are eating a raw, clean diet (or if you just love soft serve) you are going to LOVE this super yummy recipe!  It is free of dairy, gluten and soy and filled with a power punch of extra goodness with the addition of Blendfresh!  Enjoy!  Happy Valentine’s Day […]

Blendfresh Easy Salsa Recipe

This simple salsa recipe is super yummy on your favorite chips and the best part is that it is packed with 24 extra fruits and veggies because of Blendfresh!  If you want to know more about Blendfresh you can check it out this page or you can go straight to to order.  Enjoy!

Transformation Tuesday with Blendfresh

We are super excited to share an AMAZING program that Blendfresh is offering to help each and every person get healthy this year!  You can win $10,000 in cash and prizes by taking the 90 Day Challenge!   The Value of the Blendfresh 90 Challenge… There are lots of opportunities out there that have been […]

Blend the Perfect Smoothie {Tips on using your Blendtec}

Ever wonder how to get the perfect blend in our Blendtec or Vitamix blender?  How you stack your ingredients is an important part of getting a great blend!  I know when I stack my ingredients in the correct order I always get a smooth perfect blend from my Blendtec!  Hey, did you know that you […]