See’s Review and Giveaway (Ends 10/28)

The holidays are always full of delicious treats and wonderful company. If you are looking for the perfect treat to enjoy with your loved ones or to send to friends and family near and far, is the answer!

See’s Candies is a quality company with a rich history. Charles See’s moved from Canada to Los Angeles in 1921 to break in to the confection business. He was inspired by his mother’s delicious recipes and even used her as the face of his company.


See’s even modeled the stores after his mother Mary See’s kitchen. When you walk through the doors of a See’s store you will feel like you are welcome in a family kitchen. You are immediately greeted and offered a sample of one of their delicious treats. See’s has options for any taste buds. If you prefer nuts, fruity, toffee, milk or dark chocolate they have you covered.


My long time favorites are the Raspberry Cream, Milk Bordeaux and Cherry Cordial. My husband loves caramel and is a big fan of the Milk Caramel Patties and Scotchmallow.   See’s recently sent us a gift card to use to pick out some of our favorites and try some different flavors. We went as a family and my children were so excited! They picked out the Milk Chocolate Coins and Suckers. They also helped my husband and I pick out two pounds of delicious See’s Candies. I also grabbed a Milk Chocolate with Toffee Nuggets Candy Bar and it sure was tasty!


I love that you can even buy the candies individually at See’s. I love their individual boxes. How adorable are they? Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong at See’s. If you have one near you and you haven’t been, you should go check it out! If you don’t live near one of their over two hundred locations, no need to worry! Their products are available on their website and can be delivered to your door. They do a wonderful job packaging it with warm weather packaging so that your candies stay perfectly.

Charles See’s motto, “Quality Without Compromise” continues to guide the company today. See’s is quality and quality tastes delicious!

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Special thanks to See’s for the Gift Card to review and for sponsoring this great giveaway!

All of my opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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  1. Janice Dean says:

    I love their candy! I would like to get the Chocolate Walnut Fudge. Thanks

  2. lissa crane says:

    I would love to try their Vanilla Walnut Fudge! Sounds awesome! I might even share with my family!

  3. Christina Kelbel says:

    The toffee-ette’s sound good, I love toffee.

  4. My favorite See’s candies are the nuts & chews! 😛

  5. Tamra Phelps says:

    I love their chocolate bars with toffee in them. They also have the greatest peppermint patties, better than York!

  6. I’ll get Nuts and Chews.

  7. Amanda Temple says:

    So many yummies to choose from! My favorite is the Bridge mix, love chocolate and nuts!

  8. Angela saver says:

    I would love to get the See’s Nuts & Chews, which is my absolute favorite!

  9. Kim Pinch says:

    I would love to get the Dark Soft Centers chocolates.

  10. I really want to try the toffee-ettes.

  11. I would love to get some of the Bordeaux Pecan Fudge.
    Thank you!

  12. I like the dark pecan buds.

  13. soha molina says:

    I like Monster Mix

  14. Sharon Schoepe says:

    I would get Pumpkin Spice Lollypops for my daughter

  15. Diane Cooper says:

    I would probably get Nuts and Chews – my all time favorite.

  16. Lisa Brown says:

    I would get a pound of butterscotch squares; they are so good! They hurt the teeth, but the pain is worth every mouthful :)

  17. I like the vanilla walnut fudge.

  18. I would like to get the Orange Krispys

  19. kaylin Bruce says:

    Would love to win. Thank you!

  20. love the chocolate pops!

  21. My favorite treat from See’s is their molasses chips.

  22. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I love pecan divinity!

  23. I would some love dark chocolate.

  24. Liza Ramsey says:

    Pecan buds

  25. I’d love to get the maple cashew brittle!

  26. I would love to try the pumpkin pie truffles. Yummy!

  27. pecan buds

  28. Dawn Monroe says:

    Id like to try the polar bear paws.

  29. Higinio Calderón Jr says:

    I would love to try the pumpkin spike lollipops

  30. I like their nuts and chews box.

  31. Jamie Geer says:

    Divinity Puffs are a must, they are my as well as my mother’s favorites and I will be visiting her for the holidays and it will be the first time since I’ve gotten to see her since she had a serious stroke right before my birthday earlier this year.

  32. Melissa S says:

    I would love to try the Seasonal Pie Truffles, they sound really good.

  33. Molasses chips.

  34. Milk Butterchew

  35. TallulahJane says:

    I would love anything chocolate but the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Chews would be great.

  36. Karen Glatt says:

    See’s candies are so good! I would get the Peanut Buttercreams with this gift card!!

  37. christine j says:

    i would love to try the peanut brittle

  38. shelly peterson says:

    I would like to get the Pecan Buds

  39. MARY SEAUX says:


  40. Betsy Barnes says:

    If I won, I would love to try the Nuts and Chews assortment box. This would probably be my hubby’s favorite too :)

  41. James Robert says:

    I’d like to get their Peanut Butter Patties

  42. Susan Christy says:

    Pumpkin Pie Truffles, Maple Cashew Brittle & California Brittle – YUM

  43. I want to try the Pumpkin Spice Cake Balls.

  44. Amy Tebow says:

    Nuts and chews!

  45. I would get the assorted chocolates or lollipops. My grandpa use to send us See’s every year at Christmas. It is such a wonderful memory.

  46. kathy dalton says:

    I would get the assorted soft centers

  47. LynneMarie says:

    I would like to get the Mint flavored Krispys.

  48. Teresa Thompson says:

    I would like to try the Monster Mix.

  49. Allison S. says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had See’s before, and it’s too hard to pick just one kind I want to try.

  50. I’d like to buy their 1 pound box of Truffles!

  51. I would get some truffles and fudge!

  52. Annmarie W. says:

    I love their California Brittle! I’d have to get some of that!

  53. Wes Hovorka says:

    I like their chocolate crisps the best. I would definitely get that.

  54. Sees candy is great. One of my favorites is the Pecan Buds.

  55. Trasina McGahey says:

    Absolutely my favorite candy ever!!! I love the Butterscotch Lollipops!!

  56. Kimberly Schotz says:

    We love Sees Candy. My favorite is the Scotch Kisses.

  57. I LOVE LOVE LOVE See’s Candy. Bordeaux is the best

  58. I’d love dark chocolate covered orange.

  59. I would love to have the Chocolate Leaves!!
    Thank You for the chance

  60. Corey Olomon says:

    I would get the Milk Chocolate Soft Centers.

  61. I would like the Peanut Butter Patties.

  62. I would love to get the gold coins for my kids! They love the gold coins!

  63. I’d love to try the Seasonal Pie Truffles. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  64. I’d like to get the box of Nuts and Chews.

  65. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    I would like to try the lollipops. My kids would love some chocolate, too.

  66. wen budro says:

    My favorites are the scotchmallows and the bordeaux….yum.

  67. would love to get the Dark Soft Centers chocolates.

  68. Dark Chocolate nuts and chews! Those are the best :)

  69. I want some fudge with nuts. I love See’s candy fudge.

  70. Diana Hatch says:

    I love their fudge!

  71. Audra watts says:

    I like any type of fudge

  72. Stephanie O'Day says:

    The Jack O’Lantern Box looks really yummy!

  73. Birdiebee says:

    I would choose the box of Truffles for my mother as she loves Sees Candy.

  74. Nicole Millheim says:

    I love the vanilla walnut fudge

  75. My favorite is the Milk Bordeaux and the Milk Buttercream. I only eat Sees a couple times a year and it’s a treat I enjoy to the fullest. Thank you for the chance :)

  76. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    I love the caramel, chocolate covered pretzels!

  77. Jenny Ham says:

    I would love the Pecan Buds they look really good.


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