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I am a babywearer.  I love being close to my tiny precious ones, and for the last eight years I have been wearing babies pretty much everywhere I go. 

kids Boba

I have three older kids now that see me wearing their little sister and they have been asking me lately if they can carry her.  Even though I love that my kids want to activity wear their baby sister, it just isn’t safe!  A great solution to this problem is the .  I was lucky enough to review three of the Mini toy carriers and make my older kids happy to be my testers.

I was so pleased when the Mini’s arrived to see them all packaged nicely in a fun little mesh bag.  (My kids have since used their mesh bags to hold all of their various treasures.)  We opened the Boba Mini’s up and the kids went to grab their dolls and stuffed animals to practice their baby-wearing skills.  I had to help my younger daughter (3 years old) buckle the back and should straps, but the other kids (5 and 7) were able to put on their carriers without my help.  

Boba Mini Collage

These toy carriers are made with the same great quality and attention to detail that my Boba is made with.  There are pockets for the kids to hold a little treasure or toy and the buckles and straps are made just like the original carrier with thick straps and sturdy clips.  I really love quality toys because you know they will last and that you are getting your money’s worth.  I can assure you that these little Mini’s are very high quality with finishes just like the real deal.  

The fabric options are great for girls and boys.  My oldest daughter picked the same pattern Mini as my Boba so we are a matching pair.  They all love having their babies close to them and it makes my heart happy to see them enjoy carrying their dolls around.  One day they will be grown and hopefully this play time will remain with them and they will be just as excited to carry their own babies as they are now with their dolls.

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All in Boba

Thank you to Boba for the Minis to review! All opinions are my own and 100% honest!

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  1. These are just the most darling things ever! I would love to get one for my son. With the age difference between my kids, he would probably be done with it right at the time when my daughter would want it. Perfect! I sure will miss wearing my babies once they get too big, but with these mini carriers I could keep that babywearing feeling around a bit longer. (And I would love if their little carriers matched my Boba!)

  2. I adore the pictures I have of my son bunny wearing or giraffe wearing. It warms my heart when kids see us nurturing or children and want to emulate that!! What a cure picture at the end!!

  3. OMG how precious that all your children love to baby wear!

  4. Natalie V says:

    I love babywearing! And I’ve been wanting another kid-size carrier, besides the child ring sling I got over 5 years ago. This sounds perfect! I think I need to try out boba!

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