Kicking Horse Coffee – Dark Roast Coffee – Review and Giveaway [Ends 4/12]

kicking horse coffee

I have to admit that I’m more picky about the coffee I drink than I am about the wine that I drink. I’ve been aware of the brand Kicking Horse Coffee for a while now, but I couldn’t wait to actually give it a try and sample some for myself!

kicking horse coffee

 Like all , this one launched in the garage of Leo Johnson and Elana Rosenfield in 1996. Soon after, they started to support fair trade coffee practices and in 2003, they selling only organic coffee beans. Even better, in 2007 they were 100% organic fair trade.This is why I am already loving this coffee before I even take a sip. Starting out with small batches of unground beans, this company knew right away that quality was better than quantity. They went from “schlepping coffee” to 11 years later, still going strong and being a top quality brand coffee.

Now, back to my experience with their coffee -

kicking horse coffee

First of all, the coffee comes in a tin container which is extremely keep-able and I already plan on storing future coffee beans in it.

When you look inside, I knew I was going to enjoy the coffee, because the beans were so dark and they still had the oil on the coffee. By the way, having oil on coffee beans is a VERY good sign and is a sign the coffee is freshly packed. I’m not surprised this is the case as after reading their website, because they are obviously a quality company.

Next, the best part of all – the drinking part!

I usually make a large pot of coffee, so it’s usually hard for me to judge how many grounds to put in per batch, especially after getting a new brand of coffee. So, I put a generous amount and after making my first pot of coffee, I was in love! It’s rare for me to get it right immediately, so I knew this coffee was good stuff. Usually, it takes me one “throwaway” pot of coffee until I get the strength to my liking.

The coffee was very rich and strong, and it exceeded all of my expectations. I must say that I finished off this whole container of coffee within a single weekend (and I promptly went online to buy more soon after!). I see this in the grocery stores regularly and it may not be cheaper than most coffee, but actually this is one of the best you can choose from.

I get snobby sometimes and will reach for the most expensive bag in the grocery store, and expense doesn’t always mean you are getting the best quality. I have been disappointed with certain brands before and was shocked they were charging so much.

This isn’t the case here – Kicking Horse coffee may be a little outside your regular budget for coffee, but you will be wonderfully surprised. By the way, I highly recommend their strongest blend of coffee called, “Kick Ass Dark.” If you decide to buy online, their site recommends US coffee drinkers shop via Amazon. On Amazon, the prices run about $13 per 12 ounce can. I recommend going to your nearby grocery store, though, and seeing if you can find this blend. It’s worth a try and worth treating yourself!

I am so excited to announce that I get to giveaway a can of Kick Ass coffee to one of my readers! It’s open to both US and Canada readers too.

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