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I can hardly believe that Christmas is 3 days away!  Can you?  I am so not ready, but thanks to my Holiday Workshop toolkit from I have everything I need at my fingertips to finish up wrapping and writing letters before Christmas is here. 

I am a huge fan of office supplies in general–I enjoy just wandering around Office Depot to see what new pens and pencils they have and organizing items.  I guess I am a office supply nerd like that so I was super excited to get the Holiday Workshop kit in the mail.  I arrived with markers, pens, cards and tags, tape and ribbon, scissors, hot cocoa and even a portable stereo to make sure we could listen to our Christmas tunes as we wrote cards and wrapped presents!
holiday workshop

Honestly, the package could not have arrived at a better time because we had teacher gifts that needed cards and I realized I was out of tape also.  I highly recommend making your own Holiday Workshop Toolkit so you have everything handy.  My oldest and I had fun making a cup of hot cocoa and listening to our favorite Christmas songs as we wrote out letters to her teachers.  I love that I got to capture her smiling face as she was feeling the joy of this holiday season!  I think that the practicality of this kit and the fact that it took stress out of this season so we can enjoy each other and doing nice things for others makes this one of my favorite reviews this month! 

holiday workshop writing cards

I am actually thinking of taking this idea to the next level and creating a survival basket to have out during Christmas morning with everything we will need, like scissors, batteries, the camera and trash bags for wrapping paper.  I know that I can grab all of those things at my local Office Depot along with any last minute stocking stuffers too!

I think Office Depot did a great job of putting all the things I would need in my toolkit, but what would you want in your Holiday Workshop Toolkit to prepare for Christmas?

BUY: You can create your own Holiday Workshop kit to make sure you have everything you need to put the finishing touches on your holiday gifts by visiting your local Office Depot or Office Max.


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Thank you to Office Depot and Office Max for the review items!
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