$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway {Ends 10/9}

We are excited to be teaming up with Elizabeth at Being MVP for a great giveaway of a $50 Amazon Gift Card!!  Elizabeth also has some fabulous tips on getting the most bang for your buck with Staples extra rewards program that is going on right now.  You can read her full article below and enter to win the gift card.  Happy shopping and Good Luck on winning the gift card!
I love shopping at Staples as they have everything I need for both work and home offices. Hubs has a huge HP laptop and we have an HP printer. He is always printing off documents for work and I print photos as well as cards and projects for Kenzie. This means we use a lot of ink and toner. Since my kids are on their way to becoming phone and tablet savvy, iTunes gift cards come in handy for getting them their favorite apps! So technically it’s a win-win when purchasing something we need for work/home and getting a bonus gift card to use for the kids.
What’s neat about purchasing office supplies at Staples is when you sign up for their loyalty program, you earn up to 5% in rewards to use in store or online! Hubs gives me his rewards which are awesome little surprises for me Kenzie to shop. Yes I love cute office supplies and hoard
Kenzie has taken up on my obsession and has started to amass her favorite school supplies from Staples.
Now through September 27, 2014, Staples shoppers can triple dip on savings when purchasing HP toner!

1. Promotional Offer: Staples is offering a BONUS $15 iTunes gift card with a $75 purchase in HP ink
2. Earn Staples Rewards: Staples offers a loyalty program where customers can earn up to 5% in rewards to use at Staples stores and online. 
3. Earn Credit Card Rewards: By using your favorite rewards credit card to purchase gift cards, you can earn points, miles or a percentage back on your purchase. Some credit cards even offer increased rewards for purchases office supply stores!

Let’s see how the rewards add up!

1. $15 iTunes card – When you purchase $75 in HP toner. 
2. $3.75 in Staples Rewards – If you are a Premier Staples Rewards members earning 5% back on purchases. ($75 x 5% = $3.75).
3. Up to 4x credit card reward points – If your credit card offers increased rewards for office supply purchases. 

What are you waiting for? Head to Staples and stock up on HP toner!


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  1. I LOVED Staples because they ALWAYS had the HP ink I needed in stock. Unfortunately, our local one went out of business not too long ago … :(

  2. I love our local staples because they have reasonable prices and good sales! And, very close to home.

  3. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I love the selection that Staples has and the prices are great too.

  4. I buy my HP products at Staples. I think they have great prices and great customer service.
    Thank you!

  5. I love the varity of products that Staples has

  6. tina reynolds says:

    I love staples for great prices. HP for making an affordable reliable product I use both a hp printer and laptop

  7. I love that HP is a brand I can trust. They have affordable prices, top quality products and great customer service. With Staples I love that it is one stop shopping for all my office needs. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  8. HP printers are great….mine’s lasted a long time and makes very nice copies.

  9. Audra watts says:

    I love that staples has great prices

  10. OMG, I luv staples. Like totally, it is rad, awesome and narly dude. It is tight, fly and off the chain. Now that is what I am talking about. It is by far the best in the industry in terms of value, price, quality, selections, etc. Two big giant thumbs up. Wow, $50 amazon gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest

  11. I love staples because the staff is always so good at helping with my printing & custom designing needs :-)

  12. we like staples because it has a great selection and prices.

  13. Brenda Haines says:

    I love that Staples has a rewards program and has the things I need at great prices.

  14. I love HP printers and computers!

  15. Hi!
    Is this open internationally?
    Thank you!

  16. high quality products

  17. Staples is a great place that I like to shop for my office supplies.

  18. debarshi das says:

    this is an awesome giveaway. :)

  19. I love Staples because there prices are good and I can get a lot of teachers shopping done.

  20. Cindy Loo says:

    I love that Staples lets me search for eco-friendly items!

  21. Alexandru Rusu says:

    I like Staples because have good products and save money with discounts :)

  22. Angela saver says:

    I love Staples because they have great sales on the products I buy!

  23. kathy dalton says:

    I love staples because they sell coffee for my tassimo

  24. Amanda B. says:

    I love the rewards for trading in git cards.

  25. christine j says:

    I love the large variety of office furniture staples has

  26. Staples is so close to my home!

  27. Sara Sharp says:

    I love that they always have good deals at Staple’s bought some things for like $.10 a piece one time.

  28. I liker the quality of HP products

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