Fresh Fruit Tart

This sweet little treat is healthy enough to make you feel good about yourself but sweet enough to satisfy your sugar cravings. A great treat for homecomings and farewells, this treat goes fast with crowds, can be made for large or small groups, and is delicious of course! The recipe has very few ingredients and […]

Classic Sugar Cookies

Did you think we would leave you hanging after telling you to use our scrumptiously Delightful Buttercream Frosting on our classic sugar cookies yesterday?  No way! You are going to love these cookies and they are sure to be a new-found classic in your home!  Hey the weekend is young–make these cookies tomorrow with the […]

Blissful Banana Bread

This banana bread comes straight out of my family recipe cook book. Not just any cook book though; my family’s favorite cookbook reserved only for the best recipes. Comparable to the pumpkin bread recipe also featured on this site. If you love that wonderful banana taste mixed with just enough salty and sweetness, then look […]