A Crescent Twist on PB&J



As a college student, I am always hungry. That could be out of stress or I just really, really love food. But again, as a college student, when I get hungry, it doesn’t usually mean that there is a five-star meal waiting for me in my refrigerator or pantry. Many of the meals I eat are just collaborations of items that I have in my pantry that I mix together and hope for an awesome outcome. Sometimes it’s definitely a miss, but other times, I make something that I find delicious.

This week I simply was tired of regular bread. I saw that I had crescent rolls and then I saw that I had peanut butter and jelly in my pantry. I did my college-kid magic and made some delightful peanut butter crescent rolls. I also made some of these with peanut butter and nutella and they were really good! Peanut butter and honey get a little messy so I would just stick to the first two. They were super simple (I like that) and were VERY delicious. Not bad for not going grocery shopping. But for real though, these things are good. I think any little kid (or big college kid) would love these for lunch or they can be a simple side dish or dessert that isn’t way unhealthy.

Super Simple Ingredients:

2 Crescent Rolls cans (will make 16 but you’ll want more than 8)

Peanut butter to spread/Nutella to spread

Jelly or Jam (something not too runny)


Easy-Peasy Directions:

  1. Use each triangle of the crescent rolls to make a small PB&J sandwich.  Spread an even layer of peanut butter over your crescent, covering all the corners.
  2. Add a spoonful of jam to the biggest part of the crescent roll triangle, in the center.
  3. Fold the large corner across to the other one and fold the remaining corner so it covers the rest of the jam. I always make two folds.
  4. Squish the sides of the crescent rolls together so that there is no longer an opening except for a small one at the top. The central top opening should be barely pushed together. This will open when it cooks and make the finished product look nicer.
  5. Cook according to the crescent roll container directions and enjoy!


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