White Chocolate Halloween Truffles


This is right on the eve of Halloween but it’s better late than never for a Halloween treat, am I right? Now, I’m sure that most of you have had these delicious little truffles, but they’re a classic and never get old. I try to make these little babies for the holidays but always need to make extra batches because they go to fast. I made a double batch recently and they were gone within the first two hours. They’re a super easy treat for any occasion such as halloween parties, church and community get-togethers for all hallow’s eve, or if you’re just needing a chocolatey, cream-cheese type of craving fix. Have fun with them though! These truffles will change depending on the flavor chocolate you choose to use as well as the sprinkles and decorations. Truly a holiday treat that you can use all throughout the year.


Simply Summon Up:

1 package of Double-stuf Oreos

1 package of cream cheese

Almond Bark baking chocolate (about 4 squares if you’re using what I used).




Scary Easy Instructions:

  1. Separate the cream filling from the Oreos and place the cream filling in a bowl and the Oreos in a a quart-sized ziplock bag.
  2. Place quart-sized bag in a gallon-sized bag and seal, making sure the air is all out. Crush up the Oreo pieces using a can, stepping on it, or a method of your choosing until the pieces are nice and small. I personally step on the bag until everything’s crushed, hence the double bagging and the resulting absence of a big mess.


  1. Soften (if needed) the cream cheese and mix together with the Oreo cream filling in a larger bowl. Add crushed cookie bits to the bowl and mix together.
  2. Once you have a good mixture of ingredients, line a cookie sheet with wax paper or aluminum foil.
  3. Make small balls of the Oreo mix so that the truffle is about an inch across when rolled.
  4. Melt your cubes of baking chocolate/almond bark. Dip the balls into the chocolate and add sprinkles.*
  5. Let cool—preferably in the refrigerator—and enjoy! (Can also cool at room temperature as well.


*Some Tips:

So I learned a lot while making this recipe because it can get a little messy at times. I roll all of the truffle balls, then heat the chocolate so I can just dip everything before my chocolate starts to harden up. I also found that the chocolate is messy so dipping the balls into the sprinkles doesn’t work well. It’s better to sprinkle them on top right before placing them on the baking sheet or shake the sprinkles right over the truffle (wax paper/aluminum foil will catch all the stray sprinkles for another use).

ALSO, I tried making this recipe, but instead of white chocolate, sprinkled truffles, I tried to do little pumpkins with green sprinkle stems. Little did I know that some chocolate is super temperamental when it comes to food coloring. I melted my chocolate for a second batch, put in the food coloring, and the chocolate halfway solidified into a weird texture that didn’t seem to want to re-melt again. So I had some pretty pathetic looking pumpkins with globby chocolate. If you’re a die-hard for using food coloring for your chocolate, try putting the food coloring in the bowl and then melting the chocolate so it warms up together. Or you could just find a different chocolate that won’t do what mine did. The ultimate goal is to have fun while baking though! I had such pathetic pumpkin truffles that I won’t even post a picture, but hey, they were still dang good to eat.


Happy Halloween!

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