Cream Cheese Chicken Crescents

Delicious Chicken Crescents

Cream Cheese Chicken Crescents

If you love Pillsbury crescent rolls, then you are going to love these Cream Cheese Chicken Crescents!


As a college student, I am always looking for ways to make food that is 1) YUMMY, 2) easy to take with me, and 3) super easy to make. Did I mention yummy? I think I did. And with these crescents, you don’t have to buy a million ingredients to make your taste buds go wild. A friend of mine and I came up with these when we were starving after class one day. We also wait until it’s we’re about to experience a famine before we actually go buy food.  So we only had a few ingredients that we could make something out of. Typical college student, right? If not, then maybe you were a better college student than I am.


So we had crescent rolls. We had cream cheese. We needed a “protein,” (because that’s a good thing to eat, right?), so we found some canned chicken. It worked, and thought we could put those all together to make an edible creation. We added a little “class” with a nice layer of butter and garlic-flavored breadcrumbs, and viola! Yummy crescents that we actually enjoyed eating (way too much) and finished off as quickly as we had made them. You can add this simple recipe to any main dish you choose, make a ton for a party, or just a few for yourself. They’re worth the few minutes of your time it takes to make. And they really are delicious—not even kidding!


All You Need Are:

  1. Crescent rolls. Each triangle crescent will make one piece, so 8 pieces to a package depending on how many packages you buy.
  2. Cream cheese (I used 1/2 package for 8 crescents or a whole package for 16)
  3. Canned chicken. How much depends on how big you want your chicken crescents to be. I used a 12 oz. can of shredded chicken for 8.
  4. Butter. I melted about 2 tbsp to get a thin layer over the round crescents.
  5. Garlic-Flavored Breadcrumbs. The garlic flavor is so much better than the boring regular breadcrumbs.







Super Easy Directions:

  1. Make sure you have all the ingredients. (This is an important one, right?)
  2. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil. The tin foil helps my crescents not to burn in my old college apartment oven. You can use a tiny bit of cooking spray if you so desire, but the crescents will be rolled in butter anyways.
  3. Open the crescents, separate into their pre-cut triangles.
  4. Mix the canned, shredded chicken with the cream cheese in a small bowl.
  5. Put small piles of the chicken on each crescent. Then close up the crescents into a ball around the chicken, smoothing out the lines so it’s a perfect pocket around the chicken. (They actually don’t have to be perfect)
  6. Melt butter in a bowl and roll each crescent ball in a thin layer of butter. Then roll in a bowl of the breadcrumbs.
  7. Place all your buttered and crumbed rolls on the cookie sheet and cook for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.
  8. Eat all the cream cheese chicken crescents your little heart desires.


Seriously though, these things are good. And man-catchers. I suggest whipping up more than just 8 of these babies. Enjoy!


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