Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder & Safari Towels Prize Package Review +Giveaway(8/15)

I have two useful and different products to share with you today.  The first one I want to talk about is Safari Towels.  What is safari towels you ask?

Safari Towels are premoistened heavy duty disposable towels.  They are sized (14″X24″) so nice and big and hold up well enough to clean yourself from head to toe. 

Now you might ask your self why would I want an extra large baby wipe?  I personally wanted these for win we visit the beach , lake or park.  It is amazing how dirty little boys can get.  I have to confess when I am at the beach I manage to get sand everywhere.  Specially, when I walk back to the car. 

Safari towels did not disappoint.  They were easy to wipe off with, nice and moist , and did not tear up quickly.  They come in a 3 pack which makes them perfect to leave in your car or pack in your travel bag.   

These will also be the perfect fit for me for the end of a day at the ball field.  My son plays travel ball and we pretty much are at the ball field year round.  During the hot summer months like this past weeks tournament in Myrtle Beach you can ring your shirt out of sweat after sitting in the sun all day.  I know gross right.  It is always my strongest desire to hurry home and take a much needed shower at the end of a ball game day.  However, we are not local our team is about a 45 minute drive if it is a home game.   For the most part they travel though so even further .  Safari towels are just the thing to freshen up for the ride and feel just a little bit better.

You can purchase these for $2.99 a 3 pack.  You can find them here at Anti monkey butt.

The Second product I want to share with you is the Lady Anti Monkey Butt PowderNow when this first arrived at the house I was like oh dear they sent me the wrong thing.  Seriously, I was thinking to myself their is no way I’m using something called monkey butt. Now what am I to do.  I had originally thought my boys would be the ones testing these products.  Which as I said above we play baseball year round.  I have very busy boys and they have been known to sweat and get a friction type of rub that can really drive one crazy.  Well, lucky for me I was wrong and they sent Lady Anti Monkey Butt instead.  Love this stuff!

“Monkey Butt” is the slang term for the soreness, itching, and redness that affects one’s backside as the result of friction and sweat.  Monkey Butt Powder is ideal for motorcyclists, racers and athletes.  It can also aide in the discomfort and irritation associated with the friction of clothing on skin.  Simply apply on the affected area prior to the activity and repeat application as needed to stay comfortable throughout the day.  May also be used inside footwear, under sports pads and other areas prone to chafing. 

“Lady” Anti Monkey Butt Powder is a lightly scented version of the original.  It delivers the same results as the regular but the calamine is combined with cornstarch (vs talc) for a more silky , femine texture.

Now, are you still wondering why would I ever Love Lady Anti Monkey Butt?  I sprinkle it in my bra.  Yes, seriously it is hot here in Florida and I can NOT stand to be hot and sweaty.  And well you ladies know what I am talking about.  It is great to sprinkle in your exercise clothes.  Some of us in this house have smelly feet.  I won’t name names (but its not me).  Sprinkle it in the boys tennis shoes and it does wonders!!  I am telling you  now you can find a use for ANTI Monkey Butt Products. (you can purchase lady anti -monkey butt for $5.95 a bottle)

Monkey Butt is GIVING Back!!  In honor of our Troops and Veterans  for every bottle of Anti Monkey Butt purchased on our website between May 2 and September 30, Anti Monkey Butt will donate $1 to Veteran Outdoors PLUS send a free Anti Monkey Butt product to a soldier serving our country through The Hugs Project.


Click here to find a retailer of Anti Monkey Butt.  Anti Monkey Butt is going to give one Your Golden Ticket Reader a pack of safari towels and a bottle of lady anti monkey butt.  The same products I received for my review.

Thank You Anti Monkey Butt for my review products and the products for our giveaway winner.


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  1. Baby Anti Monkey Butt powder would be great for the lil ones.

    fastkat at gmail dot com

  2. Helps get rid of poison Ivy.

  3. For every bottle of powder you purchase they will donate $1 to Veteran Outdoors PLUS send a free Anti Monkey Butt product to a soldier serving our country!!!!!! VERY COOL

  4. I would love to try the Anti Monkey Butt powder 😀 I have lots of uses for it!

  5. I’d like to try the Baby Anti Monkey Butt.

  6. it helps with poison ivy

  7. I learned that Anti-Monkey Butt has a formula that can be used on babies to prevent diaper rash.

    domishaf at gmail dot com

  8. I learned that anti monkey butt was founded in 2003

  9. I so want an AMB Chopper Monkey Black T-Shirt and I love that they are supporting the troops

  10. i learned it can be used to prevent diaper rash.. but i really love the girl version in the pink jar!


  11. my husband loves his wouldnt mind trying the ladies myself. with the hot summer i like the bra idea.


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